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PumpTop TV Teams Up With CBS Radio Personality Danny Bonaduce

  • “Psst, hey you. Yeah, you.” Those are the words of Danny Bonaduce, formerly of The Partridge Family TV show, now radio host in Philadelphia on CBS’s 94 WYSP. The entertainment star is announcing his appearance this week on PumpTop TV, the nation’s leading out-of-home digital media network reaching millions of motorists each month. PumpTop TV’s ability to create and target custom, locally-focused content means that Danny will be seen exclusively at gas stations across PumpTop TV’s Philadelphia network. Danny headlines a dedicated week of local programming which drives motorists in Philadelphia to a richer, more targeted experience. PumpTop TV’s locally-focused programming, curated from the company’s expanding list of content providers, allows even the most in the know to discover new food, music and events in their home town. PumpTop TV reaches 1 million Philadelphians each month.
  • With his usual comedic aggressiveness, Danny pretends to tap on the PumpTop video screen to get the attention of motorists in Philadelphia who are filling their automobile tanks with gas. “Remember me? What have I been doing lately?” asks Danny. To the surprise of many he answers his own question. “Well, if I haven’t been getting arrested lately, I must have been doing something. I am appearing on PumpTop TV and I am also doing mornings on 94.1 WYSP from 5:30 am to 9am. It’s the early show in the morning. Just listen.” Danny is known throughout the world as a multi-talented star in movies, films and stage. Now he is rocking Philadelphia hosting a major radio show that only someone with his wit and style could provide.
  • To underscore the interactive radio exposure on PumpTop TV, CBS is also conducting a radio call-in contest on Philadelphia’s top sports station, 610 WIP. Lucky winners will receive free tanks of gas all week long. 94.1 WYSP is Philadelphia’s leading rock station, the Rock You Grew Up With From the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.