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Navigating the Edges of the Show Floor

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My Father always told me to check out the outside edges of the Trade Show floor, don't only focus on the big flashy stuff in the middle. He's right, if you head straight for the gigantic booths in the center you might miss that next big manufacturer, an upcoming trend as well as a few things that are just plain weird.

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Beam's videoconferencing robot.

Here are a couple highlights I found on the fringes this year:

•The Intelligent Building Conference (IBCOM), 6500 to 7200 - The booth layout is bizarre, but there are some interesting companies with building management solutions. I'm not sure this pertains to my business and clients today, but it will in the future.
•Beam, 1491 - Amy was in her office in Palo Alto when she pulled up her videoconferencing robot and gave me the best product demo I experienced all day. Surreal.
•Leon Speakers, 1787 - Leon makes a great product and always bring creativity to our industry. Their flat panel speaker art installation sounded great and was an excellent distraction.
•Connectrac, 2389 - They used to have an exclusive agreement with Extron (whose booth has moved beyond the fringes) but now the exclusivity is over and they are showing with their new products.

•Powersoft, 115 - I never thought I would see a solar powered outdoor speaker with an integrated microphone, camera, presence detector and LED light. Now I have and I believe I can sell it!

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Leon Speakers flat panel speaker art installation.


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Surprises From the Show Floor– and Beyond

It’s a good time to reflect– in the hopes of getting a glimpse of things to come, as other trade associations (NAB, and InfoComm) and the DSE organizers themselves prepare for their coming 2014 events but also position themselves to deal with emerging industry trends beyond the show floor.

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Navigating the Gridlock Before InfoComm '13

First impressions are that InfoComm '13 is BUSY. As soon as you pull onto International Drive you are greeted with Convention gridlock. All signs point to the West Concourse but when you pull in the lot they direct you to the South Concourse parking lot which is about 1 mile away.

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#InfoCommProblems: Finding the Little Guy on the Floor

One of the issues with a show the size of Infocomm is that we tend to get stuck in the big booths and in the aisles, that we never make it over to the little 10x10s or even the 20x20 booths. What you can find in some of these little booths, tucked away in the corner, are solutions that just might make your job more efficient.

Buzz Around IT Permeates Show Floor

by Lindsey Snyder True to its stated the theme, InfoComm 2011 is “The Center of IT All.” As the show opens, there are many events and attractions garnering attention. “Its about new products, education, and networking,” said Randal A. Lemke, executive director and CEO, InfoComm International. On the education side

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Navigating Power Alley

Power alley may sound like an ’80s Nintendo racing game, but for modern commercial installers, working around it is a real challenge with no option for a replay.