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The Biggest East Coast Show in History

The Biggest East Coast Show in History

This year’s InfoComm is notable for a number of reasons. It’s the biggest East Coast Show in

The InfoComm Show floor was packed with attendees yesterday. This year’s show has broken InfoComm records for the East Coast, with more than 28,000 industry pros in attendance. the organization’s history, with more than 28,000 attendees visiting the roughly 850 exhibitors on hand. It’s also one of InfoComm’s biggest successes on the learning front, having educated thousands in the past few days via classes, courses, seminars and more. Topping it all off, the Show marks the 70th anniversary of InfoComm as well.

On the education side, the Institute for Professional Development hosted roughly 400 attendees, while other seminar courses have attracted around 6500 seminar registrations. “These are vital and instructive courses,” says Randal Lemke, Ph.D., Executive Director of InfoComm International. “A full 50 percent of our classes are new, which is a tribute to our education committee. These aren’t just courses that came over the transom that people wanted to teach; the committee found courses that were needed.”

The Show also marks the anniversary of InfoComm International, which was founded in 1939. “People are sometimes surprised that an electronics association is that old,” says Lemke. “We have a nice history behind us of an organization that has adapted over the years to the businesses that are available. At the beginning, we were dealers that were selling audiovisual equipment to schools. That changed a lot during World War II to dealing with the government; that changed again later on, particularly in the ’80s and ’90s, to corporate. That’s where we sit today—between corporate and higher ed and some K-12, serving different markets with new technologies all the time.”