Product Spotlight : February 2010 -

Product Spotlight : February 2010

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Lab.gruppen’s PLM Series include the PLM 14000 & PLM 10000Q, each unit provides a complete drive system—for any type of loudspeaker system—by seamlessly integrating the functions of crossover, delay, equalization, and limiting with either two or four high power channels of patented Lab.gruppen class TD amplification. Each 2 RU unit includes a two input four-output Lake Processor with analog, AES, and low latency Dante digital audio networking inputs. The PLM 14000 two amplifier channels each provides 4300 watts@four ohms, or 2300 watts@eight ohms.


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Yamaha IPA8200 is a efficient Class D amplifier delivering eight channels of 200W each in a lightweight, but sturdy, 2U package. The new amplifier is ideal for smaller-scale installations wanting the reliability and sound quality of a Yamaha product, and the efficiency of Class D amplification. The IPA8200 is three times more efficient than conventional Class AB or Class H amplification and provides greatly reduced power consumption, heat dissipation and space requirements. The amplifier features Euroblock inputs and barrier strip outputs, with an internal High Pass Filter that may be activated and selected between 20Hz and 55Hz.

I-Tech HD features a new user-inspired DSP engine and Linear Phase FIR filters. Together with Crown’s Class-I amplifier technology, new software that makes I-Tech HD robust and very easy to configure, as well as a choice of input options including CobraNet and three linked limiters, the I-Tech HD is a great choice for any professional. The next generation DSP Engine, BSS OmniDriveHD at the heart of I-Tech HD is built on a new architecture specifically optimized for fast and efficient audio processing to provide tour and contracting professionals with a new platform for signal processing. It also provided significantly improved midrange clarity and improved off-axis response. The AudioCore DSP reduces latency, safeguards sonic integrity and advances system reliability.


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Extron Electronics announces commercial power amplifiers that are Energy Star qualified and meet the new Version 2.0 AV specification. The MPA 401 and XTRA Series high performance amplifiers comprise a complete family of mono, stereo, and multi-channel power amplifiers for a wide range of applications from classrooms and boardrooms to multi-purpose rooms, auditoriums, and open spaces. They draw less than one watt while in standby mode, and also offer low power consumption while idle and under load. Extron power amplifiers feature compact, space efficient enclosures that are ideal for installation in racks and lecterns, and do not require fans for cooling.


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Extensive DSP processing is employed throughout, providing levels of sonic clarity and total output that defy the system’s size and weight. Power output is 1000W class D. Preventing amplifier clipping or overload is QSC’s proprietary GuardRail technology, also present in their popular GX amplifier line. GuardRail closely monitors the input voltage and controls the amplifier output stage before the onset of clipping. Unlike typical clip limiters, when GuardRail is activated, the results are all but undetectable.


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Boasting a net weight of just seven pounds and green technology, the Peavey IPR 1600 utilizes an advanced design that allows Peavey engineers to dramatically reduce weight while increasing reliability, thermal efficiency and output power. IPR Series amplifiers are designed with a resonant switch-mode power supply and a high-speed class D topology that yields the high audio resolution and efficiency, consuming just two amps of power at its eight-ohm rating. The IPR 1600 DSP features 32-bit, floating- point digital signal processing with program-specific EQ presets that make common sound-reinforcement EQ treatments easy to perform.


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The NEXO NXAmp 4x4 and provide a cost-effective integration of command, control, protection, and amplification of NEXO loudspeaker systems. Using the Yamaha EEEngine technology, the amplifiers offer sonic purity of conventional class AB, but with a heat dissipation equaling class D technology. The UL-certified NXAmp models both feature four amplifier channels that can be configured in 2x2 bridge mode, providing up to 4x4000W at two ohms per channel or 2x8000W at 4 ohms per channel on the NX 4x4 and 4x1300W per channel at two ohms or 2x2600W per channel at four ohms on the NX 4x1. The NX 4x4 is 4U high, contained in a 19-inch rack and weighs 49 pounds and the NX 4x1 is 3U high, in a 19-inch rack space weighing 33 pounds.

Yamaha TXn Amplifiers consist of three high-power amplifiers: the TX4n 2,200 watts, TX5n 2,500 watts, and TX6n 3,000 watts per channel into 2 ohms offering Yamaha on-board DSP and incorporating a 24-bit 96-kHz DSP engine enabling an extraordinary range of control and processing capabilities. Along with basic amplifier control and status monitoring, there is enough DSP power built into the TXn amps to provide extensive speaker processing capabilities eliminating the need for external equalizers, delays and speaker processors. All models feature both analog and direct digital inputs, with automatic failsafe redundancy switching between digital and analog input. The input configuration can be changed as required, using optional plug-in Yamaha mini-YGDAI interface cards. When using an AES/EBU card, the TXn amplifiers are fully compatible with CobraNet and EtherSound audio networks or any other format supported by mini-YGDAI interface cards.


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Product Spotlight : July 2010

Yamaha DME64n And DME24n Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems’ DME64n and DME24n digital mixing engines feature DSP power and offer customizable audio system solutions that can be combined and pr

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New Products : February 2010

Aviom MT-X Expansion Box The MT-X Expansion Box can be added to any A-16 or A-16II personal mixer and offers users robust protection to the personal mixer’s case and connectors while supplying additional audio c

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Product Spotlight: December 2010

The TS-770 Series Conference System is designed with remote participation capability and is suited for conferences and meetings in government, corporate, and educational environments.