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Random InfoComm Exhibit Hall Observations, Part 1

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I've made a number of random observations from InfoComm 2013 following day one of the show.

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- The entry to Samsung's booth is really spectacular.
- I enjoyed the corner and flexible LED Displays at the Nanolumens booth (4981). Excellent ideas for customers looking for unique indoor displays.
- My double cortadito from Zaza was delicious and exactly what I needed to get through the mid-day. Their Ham & Cheese sandwich could be best described as "my 3rd bad decision of the day”.
- I really like SunBrite TV (4681) and think they make a great product. I wonder, however, why they have to show a video that demonstrates their displays can withstand a shotgun blast. Is this a common problem with TVs that I am not aware of?
- I've determined that the Guayabera is an essential piece of trade show menswear. Its many pockets (traditionally used for carrying guavas) is perfect for your business cards, pieces of paper, pens, glasses and other things you tend to pick up throughout the day.
- Check out Crestron's bring your own device solution, Air Media. It's priced right and I think I like the name. Their Samsung TV app was impressive and a great solution for suites in luxury resorts.
- Based on how many are at the show, the largest potential market for transparent LCDs appears to be soda mini fridges.


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Navigating the Edges of the Show Floor

My Father always told me to check out the outside edges of the Trade Show floor, don't only focus on the big flashy stuff in the middle. He's right, if you head straight for the gigantic booths in the center you might miss that next big manufacturer, an upcoming trend as well as a few things that are just plain weird.

Audio Demo Room Tours, Part 1 promo image

Audio Demo Room Tours, Part 1

Video is not the only media to be displayed in all shapes and sizes at InfoComm this year. Audio is also taking on a whole bunch of new form factors, and not just in terms of cabinet design. A tour of the Audio Demo Rooms provides a mind-bending array of new options for carrying voice and music to new heights and lengths.

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Navigating the Gridlock Before InfoComm '13

First impressions are that InfoComm '13 is BUSY. As soon as you pull onto International Drive you are greeted with Convention gridlock. All signs point to the West Concourse but when you pull in the lot they direct you to the South Concourse parking lot which is about 1 mile away.

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Kicking Off InfoComm – In Search of 4K

4K will be a hot topic at InfoComm 2013 in Orlando when the show floor opens on Wednesday, but a special 4K session at the InfoComm Projection Summit on Monday kicked off this week’s look at one of the most interesting new stages in the evolution of video projection at the high end.

Twitter Round-Up: InfoComm 2014 Day 1 promo image

Twitter Round-Up: InfoComm 2014 Day 1

Congrats on making it through the first day of InfoComm 2014! As you head to tonight's parties and receptions, I get the feeling that Oblong's preview and Tata Communications' Anthony Bartolo will be among the most talked about events of the day. They were certainly the most tweeted!