STRATACACHE and Verizon Collaboration Announced at NRF -

STRATACACHE and Verizon Collaboration Announced at NRF

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Verizon and STRATACACHE announced today a technology collaboration that will enable retailers to interact more closely with customers at the point of decision, while enhancing the shopping experience and building brand loyalty. Unveiled at Retail's Big Show in New York, the joint solution features STRATACACHE's digital-signage software and technology, powered by Verizon's 4G LTE network and infrastructure.

"Influencing consumers at the point of decision is critical for leading retailers and brands," said Chris Riegel, CEO at STRATACACHE. "With the continued fragmentation of consumer advertising, messaging to the consumer at the point of decision is the last and best opportunity to influence the consumer. The goal of our joint solution is to create unique customer experiences that help the consumer feel a connection with the brand and retailer, while facilitating a better shopping experience. Verizon's 4G LTE reliable network enables our media-rich vision of Digital@Retail™."

STRATACACHE's digital-signage technology is highly interactive, allowing customers to browse product catalogs, download digital coupons, view product tutorials, give brand feedback, scan QR codes and use social media.

The joint digital-signage solution includes a STRATACACHE media player, ActiVia for Media digital signage software and high-definition display, all running on Verizon's 4G LTE network and hosted either as a cloud service or within a customer's data center. With STRATACACHE's ActiVia software, retailers can log into a Web portal to easily create, schedule, manage, distribute and monitor digital signage messages in-store from their PC or any Verizon mobile device. Consumer-facing media can be updated instantaneously or altered to reflect changing market conditions, adapting to store, region, time-of-day or consumer demographics.

"Verizon's relationship with STRATACACHE allows us to help retailers provide an enhanced experience with consumers – regardless of where customers interact with the products," said Ravi Bagal, vice president of Verizon Retail. "Customer interaction must take place beyond the four walls of a retail store, and digital signage is a key tool to help retailers further that conversation while building brand loyalty."

As part of their agreement, both companies plan to market the joint solution to their respective customer bases.The companies will also collaborate on future product-development work.

STRATACACHE is a privately-held provider of efficient, scalable and cost-effective digital signage, IP video, content distribution and enterprise video acceleration solutions. Working with over 300 of the top 500 largest firms in the retail, finance, QSR, hospitality, manufacturing and media sectors, STRATACACHE's products help retailers and brands connect with consumers in digital at retail experiences in out-of-home and everyday life. For more information:


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