Digital Signage Products 2006

Digital Signage Products 2006
  • Symon Communications released a new Symon Digital Appliance (SDA) product line. The SDA is a series of advanced network-manageable products that combine Symon's expertise in real-time data collection and visual display technology. The network appliance maximizes the efficiency and flexibility of delivering broadcast and digital signage content to displays, while minimizing costs. The SDA model line-up is delivered in a new form factor with features that will benefit users with advanced security permissions and vivid and dynamic screen presentations, including high-definition (HD) output. Enhanced web based administration, 2-D and 3-D cinematic transitions, watermarks, and event logging is available. There is optional proof of play reporting and wireless features. The high end SDA-600S has an industrial-strength platform for streaming live video content over the Internet. It securely delivers content created by Symon software to PC clients for enterprise applications such as broadcast communications, e-Learning and informational programs.

MagicBox's Aavelin HD-P

The new Aavelin HD-P is designed to display graphics, Macromedia Flash, and data in portrait mode or landscape mode on high-resolution plasmas, LCD monitors, or projectors. The bundled Aavelin Composer Software allows the creator to design and schedule content for display in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. Supported resolutions include XGA, WXGA, and SXGA. Aavelin HD-P brings higher performance and more versatility to the growing array of digital signage needs in this expanding market. The system includes a dedicated player unit for stand-alone, 24-hour operation. The player supports up to four simultaneous crawl lines, built-in Ethernet, RSS Feeds, project preview, picture in picture, and database integration. The multi-threaded operating system is designed from the ground up to play video back reliably.

Adflow Dynamic Messaging System

The Adflow Dynamic Messaging System is an end-to-end digital signage and kiosk network solution for retailers, advertisers, brands, and other businesses. This sixth generation web-hosted marketing tool is available anytime. Just log in to the system to upload, review, approve, and distribute targeted messaging across the network of digital displays and kiosks. Adflow makes it easy to implement and manage the most targeted and compelling form of messaging available today. Participants in the creation and distribution of dynamic media can simultaneously collaborate, synchronize, and maintain marketing campaigns to create powerful sales results. And with internet access, you can do it all with no software to load, no hardware to buy, and no expensive IT resources to deploy. The Adflow Advantage Media Player comes together with the Adflow Networks Dynamic Messaging System.

Magenta "Twin-Display" Cat-5 Receivers

Magenta Research introduced two new Cat-5 receivers to their flagship MultiView Series product line. The K-500 TD (twin-display) and K-500 TDC (twin-display, chainable) receivers reduce receiver quantities by connecting to two back-to-back or close-proximity displays, rather than one display. The K-500 TD and TDC receivers employ MultiView AK500 technology, including RepliSync and proprietary signal algorithms, and are specified to provide QXGA (2048x1536) resolution at 500 feet. Each receiver uses active electronics to provide two HD15 (VGA) and two 3.5mm min-jack (audio) outputs. K-500 TDC receivers are "daisy-chained" and combined with a K-500 TD receiver at the chain's end, to address a series of four to twenty-four back-to-back displays.

Avocent's Emerge MPX1000

Avocent's Emerge MPX1000 product provides connectivity for moving high-definition content from one source to multiple destinations incorporating HDMI technology. High-resolution computer graphics up to 1280 x 768 resolution, HD video including 720p and 1080i, stereo audio, and control data are wirelessly transmitted to as many as eight wireless or wired receivers.

The Avocent Emerge MPX1000 HD multipoint extender includes a transmitter and receiver that provide feature-rich, high-definition media support for use in professional audio-visual applications. The Emerge MPX1000 extension product extends video and audio over standard 10/100 Ethernet wiring up to 3000 feet and wirelessly through walls up to 150 feet, or up to 1000 feet line of sight with optional directional antenna.

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