Sony 4K SXRD Projectors Selected For Silicon Graphics VUE Solutions

PARK RIDGE, NJ--Sony’s 4K SXRD large venue projectors have been selected as the preferred ultra high resolution display unit for the new Silicon Graphics VUE software solutions, whose systems utilize 4K resolution imaging to generate “virtual decision centers” for mission critical command and control applications.

Unveiled today, the VUE software suite is designed to change the way people create, distribute and use visual information. The SXRD projectors, including the new T series chosen by Silicon Graphics, enable the VUE system to provide operators with a complete visualization solution that can be used for a range of applications, including industrial, commercial and situation management applications.

According to Silicon Graphics, the ultra high resolution desktop enables operators to rapidly and intuitively grasp an otherwise overwhelming amount of information in real-time. The data can then be turned into actionable information to assist decision-making processes.

“With Sony SXRD projectors, Silicon Graphics VUE solutions can provide the amount of resolution needed to create a visualization experience that allows management teams to make optimal decisions as quickly as possible,” said Andre Floyd, marketing manager for SXRD systems at Sony Electronics. “The three-dimensional desktop lets users orient all available data sources in more meaningful ways without significantly decreasing the quality of the images.”