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PS Supports New BCS Command Sets

Industry, CA--Presentation Switchers (PS) has announced a firmware update to its Series 500 presentation switchers that supports Extron SIS (Simple Instruction Set) and AMX AutoPatch BCS (Basic Control Structure) RS-232 communication protocols.

PS’s feature addition allows an integrator to select between PS, Extron SIS, or AMX/AutoPatch BCS communication protocols. This feature allows integrators to use their time-tested drivers used with Extron and AMX/AutoPatch switchers with a PS550, PS530, or PS552. This feature allows a PS Series 500 modular presentation switcher to be used as a “drop in” replacement for an existing Extron or AMX/AutoPatch device.

“We have recently deployed the PS530 as a drop in replacement for Extron MLS506s at a large nationally recognized research university," said Grant Cossey, PS’s national sales manager, “The benefit to the school is that they get the flexibility of modularity and scaling from the PS530, but they eliminate the expense of replacing or reprogramming their existing MLC226 controllers. PS support of the Extron SIS protocol makes the PS530 a perfect choice for their needs.”

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