Kramer Unveils Digital Step-in Solution

  • Kramer Electronics has unveiled its Digital Step-in system, made of a switcher and eight Step-in modules connected by one twisted pair cable (Kramer’s DGKat cable), with two additional local inputs (DVI, HDMI).
  • The Digital Step-in system allows each of the participants to connect their source to the system and take control of the main display by pressing the Step-in button on their individual control module. Control modules are offered in HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort and 15-pin HD computer graphics video, all with separate audio input. An additional multi-format module, X1, combines all the video interfaces.
  • According to the company, benefits include:
  • Variety - Kramer’s Digital Step-in solution comes with a wide variety of Step-in modules. The system supports any source, with any known video interface: DisplayPort, VGA, DVI and HDMI. The switcher also supports both balanced and unbalanced audio outputs, to be able to fit any sound system installed in the room.
  • Cost effective - A single twisted pair cable, Kramer’s DGKat cable, carries all power, data and control commands. When there is no need for a separate cabling solution for each technical requirement and when one cable carries all the information, this lowers costs.
  • Sustainable - Your system will be useful far into the future. With The Digital Step-in system, the switcher stays the same even when new video interfaces are added. Future technological advancements will not make your switcher obsolete, all you need to do is add the appropriate module and the system will support it.
  • Cascading is Availalbe - The Digital Step-in system can be cascaded by adding more switchers.

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