Lyle Bunn, Jeff Collard: The Future of Digital Signage May 15

David Keene– There are no more than a dozen people in the digital signage/DOOH industry that I’d call visionaries. The few that– in a technology-based industry– understand that the industry is not essentially about technology but about information management. And about changing business models, to deal with new kinds of customers who don't want a technology pitch but guidance in next-gen communication with clients, constituents, employees, customers. Two people on this list would Lyle Bunn, and Jeff Collard. I’ve been on panels with both Lyle and Jeff. I’ve introduced them giving major presentations. I’ve had them write in-depth articles for Digital Signage magazine, and the Digital Signage Best Practices Guide. Jeff Collard, with Omnivex, has been a champion of “contextual” digital signage– in fact predicting, some years ago, the current data-mining activity in not just digital signage but larger information industries. Lyle Bunn’s presence at the forefront every major industry discussion, and initiative, needs little introduction.

So I’m happy to report that next Tuesday, May 15th, Jeff and Lyle will engage in a Webinar entitled “Digital Signage, Balancing the Medium and the Message.” If you want to hear a sales pitch, this webinar is not for you. If you want to hear where the industry is heading– what “digital signage” will be delivering in the next-generation rollouts (the ones being funded now by the smart money) – then join us. I’ll moderate, and I’ll draw out more inside tips from these two than you’ll get in a month of seminars. I know that both Jeff and Lyle have been talking especially to key players at the Retail forefront. “The relationship between retailers, brands and the ad agencies that serve them (or want to serve them) is really heating up,” Lyle told me yesterday. “Marketers know that the medium works, but they now seek to gain broader and deeper benefits though its use. Ad agencies are often having to scramble to meet their clients' demands, while Chief Marketing Officers are expecting more competencies in areas such as data sciences, analytics, content strategy and message composition. Practices are being focused on gaining the economies, coupled with the capabilities of dynamic place-based signage.”

“This is going to be an interesting discussion,” said Jeff Collard. “Lyle and I are merging our ideas into a common presentation on how digital signage is evolving this year, and the experiences that people will create in the future based on technology trends today… we will focus on retail examples because that is where much of the most advanced analytics is being applied…”

To register for the May 15th Webinar “Digital Signage, Balancing the Medium and the Message” (at no charge):

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