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Digital Signage Experts Group (DSEG) Training and Certification at DSE 2018

Digital Signage Experts Group (DSEG) Training and Certification at DSE 2018

Continuing a long relationship with the Digital Signage Federation, based on getting the best digital signage market training and certification to DSE attendees, the Digital Signage Experts Group (DSEG) is set to bring their comprehensive live certifications to DSE 2018 in Las Vegas, March 27-30. The courses are designed to educate attendees thoroughly, from the fundamentals to in-depth technical training, covering critical areas of digital signage.

Registration is still open to industry professionals seeking a path to certification, or re-certification, under the auspices of the Digital Signage Experts Group (DSEG).

“Newly updated courses for 2018 will be delivered at DSE,” said Alan Brawn, co-founder of DSEG. “ Whether you are new to digital signage or a veteran, these courses will be valuable to your professional experience. DSEG is served by a board of advisors made up of leading members of the digital signage community, including consultants, trade associations and end users. And nothing takes the place of the live presentations and training sessions as we do them at DSE. It is the interaction with the attendees and Q&A segments that sets it apart. This year each of the certifications have been updated with current information.“

Courses to be offered at DSE include:

Digital Signage Certified Expert (DSCE)

Digital Signage Display Expert (DSDE)

Digital Signage Content & Media Expert (DCME)

Digital Signage Network Expert (DSNE)

Instructors for the courses include Alan C. Brawn, Jonathan Brawn, Ryan Cahoy, Jim Nista, Tom Jones, and Dave Haar.

  • “ The DCME course,” explained Alan Brawn, “is particularly interesting for this DSE, it has not only been updated but a significant amount of great content examples with explanations have been added. This will be taught this year by myself plus Ryan Cahoy of Risevison and also a DSF Board member. In addition, Jim Nista of Insteo, a well-regarded content creation firm, will present. Tom Jones will also be taking part in the DCME.”
  • For more information, contact
  • Alan Brawn, Principal
  • PH: 760-659-4311
  • or visit:

Digital Signage Experts Group (DSEG)

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