Triveni Launches Ensignia MAP at DSE -

Triveni Launches Ensignia MAP at DSE

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Triveni Digital officially launched its new Ensignia MAP (Media Access Point) at the Digital Signage Expo in Chicago this week. Designed for large-scale digital signage deployments, the Ensignia MAP receiver/player, according to Triveni, "overturns the player-per-screen paradigm — achieving a redesigned cost point for digital signage deployments, and allowing cost-effective storage and transmission of content from a centralized location to a large number of displays." Ralph Bachofen of Triveni was on hand at the DSE in Chicago to walk attendees through the new product.
Ensignia MAP can be customized to deliver any number of channels, each to uniquely targeted displays in the network, and allows for simple, centralized dynamic content creation — making it an ideal revenue-enhancing solution in any application. The Ensignia MAP system sits between the transport network and the many screens within a large digital signage installation to ensure that the right media is delivered to the right display at the right time.
"Digital signage is becoming increasingly popular for delivering high-quality, high-definition content to target audiences in a broad range of applications, from retail displays to advertising, education, health care, and tourism, among others," said Ralph Bachofen, director of product management and marketing at Triveni Digital. "Until now, digital signage solutions relied on a one-player-per-screen model that made mass deployment a cost-prohibitive proposal. Ensignia MAP breaks that one-to-one paradigm, delivering multiple channels to multiple displays and significantly reducing the cost per receive site."
The scalable solution allows users to grow their digital signage installations along with the demands of their business. Furthermore, the unique technology behind Ensignia MAP allows delivery of content to a large number of receivers without any impact on the head-end server hardware.
As with earlier releases of the Ensignia solution, Ensignia MAP provides simple templates for content creation, scheduling, and maintenance. Customized screen layouts can be configured to meet the needs of advanced users. The software accommodates all third-party content creation tools, so users can select the product that best suits their workflows, knowledge, and experience.
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