Adtec Digital Adopts Zero-Configuration Networking Technology -

Adtec Digital Adopts Zero-Configuration Networking Technology

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Adtec Digital has adopted zero-configuration networking technology, streamlining the setup and configuration process. Adtec devices will dynamically install themselves on the host network with minimal operator input.

Zero-configuration (zeroconf) networking technology enables automatic discovery of computers, devices, and services on IP networks. It is standard on Adtec's current decoders and newer encoder products.

Adtec has approved three web browsers that support zero-configuration. Apple leverages zero-configuration in OS X through the Bonjour locator found in the Safari browser. Apple also provides a Bonjour plug-in for Internet Explorer for Windows called Bonjour for Windows. Firefox users can use the BonjourFoxy plug-in for controlling Adtec products that support zero-configuration.

Zero-configuration capability is most useful when network is comprised of many Adtec devices. It provides a dynamic look-up table for any unit which is announcing itself to the network. The benefit is that the user does not necessarily need to know the IP address of the unit. The user can simply click on the link, and the web browser will forward them to the configuration and control application for that device.


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