Radical Computing New DS Platform

Radical Computing announced on January 7th the launch of its new Adaptive Signage platform for developing the next generation of digital signage products. The Adaptive Signage platform will, according to the company, “serve as the basis for creating unified and intelligent marketing solutions capable of taking critical data from various sources to automatically structure content delivery.”

“The goal of the adaptive signage platform is to support a major paradigm shift in 1-to1 marketing for retailers, thereby allowing marketers to customize marketing responses to individual consumers in real time,” said Alex Tsyfanskiy, Director, Product Development of Radical Computing.

Adaptive Signage platform will address 1-to1 marketing for retailers by identifying four unique dimensions of 1-to-1 marketing.

- Real Time Inventory Count– being able to tap into current real time inventory levels and expected shipments to devise real time price modifications, specials and inventory announcements for purposes of inventory divestitures based on preestablished mechanisms for maximizing profitability.

- The Consumer’s Transaction Inventory – Utilizing historical data about a specific consumer’s online and offline spending patterns, align acquired information with inventory lifecycle management information, creating automatic real-time responses to consumers on a retail walkthrough path through a given retail location.

- Wireless Communication and Tracking Platform – This component of the platform allows for identifying the consumer, allowing full access to his transaction history; tracking his walkthrough the retail path, extracting and utilizing key transactions on his path for the purpose of constricting pertinent communications at the appropriate time.

- Utilization of the Adaptive Intelligence to collect and analyze information for final message delivery – analysis of the three components of past transaction history, the current walk-through information and the relevant inventory data to formulate a meaningful consumer message in line with the sales and over-all communications objective of the retailer to the individual consumer.

“Adaptive Signage platform is a breakthrough approach to take digital signage into completely different world of retail intelligence. It underlines our commitment to support our clients in their efforts to reach more advanced levels of one-to-one marketing by providing them with intelligent and self-sustainable tools, “said Vadim Gorelik, VP of Business Development.

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