Best Projection Screen: Da-Lite Velour Masking Curved Series 200 and Series 300

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The Really Big Screens for the Really Big Shows

The biggest shows just got better.

Introducing the Velour Masking Curved Series 200 and Series 300 from DaLite. The Curved Series 200 and Series 300 Lace and Grommet Frames include Da-Lite’s Velour masking system to enhance appearance and absorb light surrounding the viewing area.

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The Velour Masking also conceals the lacing cord and s-hooks used to attach Da-Lite’s lace and grommet screen surfaces to the Series 200 and Series 300 Lace and Grommet Frames. Rental and staging companies can now specify curved Series 200 and Series 300 Lace and Grommet screens from Da-Lite in widths up to 90 feet for front projection and 40 for rear projection. These frames are available with any degree of single axis curve and are constructed of sturdy two- or three-inch diameter tubing. When paired with Da-Lite’s selection of front or rear projection screen surfaces, the result with be extraordinary.

Da-Lite fixed frame value means big audiences get big screens without having to compromise the experience. The result is a viewing environment that delivers on the director’s and producer’s creative vision. A result so immersive, it must be experienced. A result that can only be achieved using large scale fixed frame screens from Da-Lite.

Whether “fixed” or “flown” using front or rear projection, Da-Lite’s tough tubular frames and performance enhancing screen surfaces add a new dimension to live events. When the performance demands not only the biggest, but the best; think big, think Da-Lite.

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For over 100 years, we have been designing and building custom projection screens in shapes and sizes that challenge our designers to use all of their tremendous skills. Now, we have dedicated this experience and talent to the Da-Lite Design Center, an online go-to resource providing the support that turns your ideas into something special. Every custom screen is individually engineered and features a Da-Lite projection screen surface designed to optimize the viewing experience. Visit the Da-Lite Design

Center at and check out the “Gallery.” Put your imagination to work and we’ll put our team to work for you.

Any Size. Da-Lite redefines the projection screen market with the introduction of new, large-scale projection screens designed to handle the biggest installations. With seamless heights up to 16 feet, new electric screens measuring over 39 feet, and lace and grommet screens measuring over 120 feet long, there’s virtually no screen size too large when you specify Da-Lite.

Any Shape. What you can imagine we can produce. When your next project calls for the projection screen to be the star, you can rely on Da-Lite for the solution. Whether the demand is for a special shape and size for corporate presentations, award ceremonies, political conventions, game shows, or rock concerts, Da-Lite has the experience to deliver your dream.

Any Time. We never met a delivery schedule we didn’t like. All Da-Lite projection screens are manufactured to the customer’s specifications, so building a large-scale custom screen is a daily practice at Da-Lite. No more delays or excuses when its time to deliver. Our state-of-the-art facility is located in the central part of the U.S., making shipping to either coast or internationally a snap.

Any Where. From concerts in Dubai to game shows in Hollywood to the symphony halls of Europe, you will find Da-Lite projection screens delivering big performances. The larger the audience and the bigger the screen, the more the worldwide presentation market comes to Da-Lite for large scale projection screens.

Founded in 1909, Da-Lite Screen Company is the leading producer of high quality commercial and residential projection screens worldwide. With headquarters in Warsaw, Indiana and additional operations in the U.S. and Europe, Da-Lite manufactures projection screens and accessories to Fortune 500 companies, entertainment and major broadcast networks, education systems, and governments around the globe. Today DaLite’s proprietary screen technologies are specified for the most demanding installations from military training simulators to boardrooms and classrooms to home theaters. Da-Lite has become the “First Name in Projection Screens.” For more information, visit


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