Crestron Unveils DigitalMedia Product Line -

Crestron Unveils DigitalMedia Product Line

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Crestron is showcasing its new DigitalMedia (DM) product line at Booth 5301. Crestron

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Crestron’s DM-MD8X8 matrix switcher DM is the only complete, integrated solution that manages, controls and distributes all analog and uncompressed digital content over twisted pair or fiber. The core of a Crestron DM system consists of matrix switchers, repeaters and receivers. Flexible and modular, DM matrix switchers accept every type of signal and transmit them long distance as digital DM signals. Exclusive QuickSwitch HD technology pre-authorized HDCP keys and maintains a constant handshake for continuous, glitchfree HD switching. At the end points, DM receivers output HDMI to the display.

More than just another HDMI switcher or extender, Crestron DigitalMedia is a total digital system solution, accepting and distributing all analog audio and video, uncompressed digital signals, HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, HD-SDI, Ethernet and USB keyboard/mouse control. DM manages HDCP content protection, EDID resolution management and CEC device control. All content and data is managed, routed and transmitted long-distance over copper or multimode fiber.

Just like traditional AV distribution systems, the foundation of a DM system is the matrix switcher. DM matrix switchers are flexible, expandable card-based systems. The DM-MD8x8 and DM-MD16x16 feature a wide variety of input and output cards from which to choose. The DMMD8X8 is field-configurable to handle up to eight sources, and provide up to eight DM room outputs with expansion capability for even larger applications. The DMMD16X16 features 16 individually configurable and field-upgradeable input card slots, and a choice of eight or 16 factoryconfigured twisted pair or fiber DM outputs (or eight of each).


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Crestron Expands DigitalMedia 8G Line

Rockleigh, NJ-- Crestron has released the DM-RMC-150-S DigitalMedia 8G Fiber Receiver & Room Controller, which accepts all signals over a single fiber strand and outputs HDMI and analog stereo.   The DM-RMC-150-S DigitalMedia 8G Fiber Receiver & Room Co

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Crestron Launches New DigitalMedia Switcher

Crestron has released its new 128X128 DigitalMedia Switcher, the latest addition to their family of digital AV networking solutions. The "industrial-strength" switcher manages the high-definition and analog AV distribution requirements of large commercial facilities, such as stadiums, arenas, university campuses, and global enterprises.

Crestron Installs 50,000th DigitalMedia promo image

Crestron Installs 50,000th DigitalMedia

Crestron has announced the installation of its 50,000th DigitalMedia switcher.   Whitlock CEO Doug Hall (left) and Crestron EVP Randy Klein. AV solutions provider Whitlock installed the milestone switcher at a U.S. Army base in Newport News, VA. “It’s a proud day in the histo

Crestron Marks 5,000 DigitalMedia Certified Professionals

Orlando, FL-- Crestron marked the 5,000th DigitalMedia certified professional during training classes at InfoComm 2011. DigitalMedia Certification-Designer (DMC-D), DigitalMedia Certification-Technician (DMC-T) and DigitalMedia Certification-Engineer (DMC-E) training courses are recognized by InfoComm certification

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Crestron Installs 50,000th DigitalMedia™ Switcher

Crestron announced the installation of its 50,000th DigitalMedia™ switcher. Leading AV solutions provider Whitlock installed the milestone switcher at a U.S. Army base in Newport News, VA.   DigitalMedia manages and distributes all digital content. The market leader f

Crestron DigitalMedia is 3D Ready

Crestron has announced that the DigitalMedia (DM) product line delivers 3D. Other manufacturers require additional video processing and hardware to support 3D; not so with DM. With DM, it’s seamless. A free, simple update is available for download from the Crestron website. For the ultimate in flexibility, DM also sup