Registration for Digital Signage Roundtable at InfoComm -

Registration for Digital Signage Roundtable at InfoComm

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I’m looking forward to moderating a special Digital Signage Roundtable, Day 1 at the InfoComm show– a session that NewBay Media is producing, that’s just been added to the show agenda. I’m taking this quiet break before Memorial day to invite folks to register and attend– as we have some very interesting panelist lined up. (No charge for registration/attendance.)

The Roundtable, called “Simplifying Digital Signage” will take place at InfoComm, Wednesday June 12th, 4:30-6:00pm, in a classroom/presentation room right off the show floor, and if you're in the channel– IT or AV Integrators, product resellers– or if you’re an end user of digital signage, you’re welcome to attend.

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We’ll discuss how a new generation of display solutions can simplify deployments and drive broader adoption of digital signage. I will moderate, and we have some some interesting panelists. Joining me in the discussion will be well-known digital signage expert Jim Huber. Jim had a long stint, until last year, as a top executive at NOR-COM, one of the top systems integrators in the country. He’s now in charge of technology rollouts at Office Depot. With a PhD and decades of experience, Jim’s an expert on Digital Signage, whose knowledge base including the engineering issues (but also the business side) is second to none.

And we’ll have some representatives from the digital signage content management software side on the panel as well, on the panel, talking about the screen/media player/software dynamic. Samsung is sponsoring the event, and will be represented on the panel, on the heels of their rollout this year of a new “smart signage” platform.

It should be a lively discussion– an open forum, with questions from the audience, as we look at the digital signage landscape going forward with productions/solutions such as the new imbedded system-on-chip technologies and web-based content platforms base on new HTML5 tools.

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Panel Set for Digital Signage Roundtable at InfoComm

The slate of panelists is set, for the Simplifying Digital Signage Roundtable, that will take place next Wednesday, at InfoComm in Orlando. In addition to digital signage expert Jim Huber (until last year a top executive at systems integrator NOR-COM and now in charge of technology rollouts at Office Depot), I’ve just added Bill Othick, Principal, BOI Solution.

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Simplifying Digital Signage

The Simplifying Digital Signage Roundtable took place Wednesday at InfoComm– I moderated as panelists Jim Huber from Office Depot, Bill Othick of BOI Solutions, Richard Hutton from Samsung, Raffi Vartian from SignageLive, Jim Vair of Capital Networks analyzed legacy TCO models for digital signage, and then turned to hardware and software advancements that now allow the streamlining of digital signage platforms, for reduced TCO.

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InfoComm's Digital Signage=Business Value Roundtable

Audio-visual supplier TD Maverick and digital signage manufacturer ONELAN will sponsor InfoComm International’s upcoming Digital Signage = Business Value Roundtable events at the Chandos House in Westminster, London from 2 to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, 20 October 2015, and The Plaza Hotel in Dublin from 2 to 7 p.m. on Thursday, 22 October 2015.

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