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Dynamax Announces digitalsignage.NET

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Dynamax Technologies will launch a new digital signage application using the Windows Azure Platform. digitalsignage.NET by dynamax in combination with the Windows Azure platform helps to enable customers to securely access their digital signage system from anywhere in the world, supports easier administration, whilst removing from the user the arduous task of maintaining servers and technical infrastructure.

digitalsignage.NET by dynamax is an immensely scalable and load balanced digital signage content delivery network (CDN) with data centre capability in San Antonio, Chicago, Dublin, Amsterdam, Singapore, & Hong Kong.

The Windows Azure platform, Microsoft’s cloud services platform, provides Dynamax Technologies with the ability to build, manage, and deploy cloud based applications.

“The Windows Azure platform provides greater choice and flexibility in how we develop and deploy scalable but easy to use digital signage solutions to our world wide partners and customers. There has always been the issue of scalability and resilience with traditional hosting technologies for SaaS solutions; Windows Azure helps us to address that. digitalsignage.NET by dynamax automates and simplifies critical processes such as managing your own servers and data centers, managing security, and scalability planning.”

Said Howard D. Smith, Director and CTO at Dynamax. “digitalsignage.NET by dynamax is designed for all levels of users; from the single screen deployment right through to enterprise level deployments, all on a simple low cost subscription pricing model. Built on ASP.NET technologies and designed from the ground up to be an easy to use digital signage cloud application, digitalsignage.NET by dynamax, we feel, will herald a new benchmark in the digital signage market.”

“Through the technical and marketing support provided by the Front Runner program, we are excited to see the innovative solutions built on the Windows Azure platform by the ISV community,” said Doug Hauger, general manager for Windows Azure Microsoft Corp. “The companies who choose to be a part of the Front Runner program show initiative and technological advancement in their respective industries.”


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