POPAI U Hosts NeuroMarketing Webcast

POPAI, the global association for marketing at-retail, invites all interested to join a dive into the consumer's mind on Thursday, September 11, 2008 at 3 - 4:30 p.m. EDT as Dr. A.K. Pradeep, founder and CEO of NeuroFocus, Inc., walks participants through the basic components of Neuroscience marketing.

Neuromarketing is the science of studying consumers' brainwaves to see how they respond to advertising and brand messages in the commercial field. Neuromarketers use brainwave science to see how emotional sensory and neurological cues are affecting consumers at-retail. This approach gives you the ability to devise the most effective ways to communicate to consumers, based upon scientifically-generated understanding of how the human brain receives, processes and stores information.

  • This webcast is an introduction to neuromarketing. Dr. Pradeep and NeuroFocus, Inc. have pioneered the application of neurology in marketing, advertising, and messaging. Dr. Pradeep will talk about some of the "best practices" that retailers and retail product marketers should follow, to ensure that their stores and their brands are presented in ways that are the most likely to gain consumers' attention; engage their emotions; and be retained in their memory. These are three key criteria that are measured (among others), and the reason they are so critical is because they are very good indicators of ultimate purchase intent. Score well in them, and your chances of sales success at the retail level are accordingly good.
  • NeuroFocus has extensive experience working with some of the world's largest companies whose products are sold at retail. One area of expertise is in measuring and evaluating the "in-store experience." The company captures consumers' neurological and biophysical reactions to store settings, gaining extremely accurate and complete pictures of what they responded in the retail environment.

Pradeep will share how to best enhance that experience for consumers at the point of brand selection and purchase. NeuroFocus will measure and evaluate:

- The degree to which consumers pay attention to visual and aural messages;

- The degree to which their emotions are engaged by those messages, and;

- The degree to which elements of those messages are transferred to and remain in memory.

Interpreted results enable you to make clear, concise recommendations regarding specific ways that communications can be improved. This science can measure and evaluate virtually anything that the consumer sees or hears, extending across a full range of marketing and content creation categories from product and packaging design to all forms of advertising; sponsorships; branded entertainment and product placement; and the in-store shopping experience.

This program offers 1 MaRC credit in Category I. Registration is $125 for members, $250 for non-members. Registration closes on Wednesday, September 10, 2008 at 5 p.m. EDT. Are you a member of POPAI? If you join within 30days of registering for our events you will receive the member rate. For more information visit our website and go to Membership. Please note: Only one computer site sign-in is allowable per registration. Log-in instructions will follow the week of the event.

For complete registration details, visit the calendar at www.popai.com.

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