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Ignition Media Acquires Captive Audience

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Ignition Media, a provider of placed digital signage networks has acquired the assets of Captive Audience LLC., broadening the companies reach in the digital signage sector. Founded in 2000, Captive Audience developed an in-Supermarket digital signage network with displays installed in an around the delicatessen section of Big Y, Foodtown, and Shop Rite Supermarkets. Additionally, Captive Audience has developed a digital signage network supporting the Jacob Javits Convention Center and SeaStreak, a high speed ferry service operating between New York and New Jersey. According to the company, the addition of these assets will enable Ignition Media to broaden its offerings to clients while increasing distribution of the in-Supermarket network by adding key demographic market areas and quality retail partners.
Through the Supermarket Network, Ignition Media enables companies to reach consumers where a majority of purchasing decisions are made. The advertising on this network has been proven effective at driving incremental product sales on average by 20% for leading companies such as Campbell Soup, Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay, MasterFoods, Procter & Gamble, and Unilever. Ignition Media's digital screen displays are strategically placed in and around the delicatessen section, which is typically the second stop in the Supermarket, where on average 70% of all shoppers wait an average of 7.1 minutes. The network displays a combination of advertising and content providing shoppers with an engaging and informative array of information.
The addition of the Jacob Javits Network enables Ignition Media the ability to offer advertisers the opportunity to reach convention visitors at one of the nations most active convention centers through 70 permanently placed digital signage displays and a 600sq ft LED wall. With over 80 annual conventions and over 5 million annual visitors this network provides advertisers with a compelling communication platform.
The SeaStreak Network reaches a highly desirable audience and provides commuters with a combination of advertising and business oriented content during the 35 minute ride between two ports in New Jersey and two ports in New York. Each of the four vessels hosts 13 individual displays.
Thaddeus Bartkowski Chief Executive Officer stated, "These assets significantly enhance the value Ignition Media can offer advertisers by broadening the retailer base in key markets with desirable retail partners. The addition of the Javits and SeaStreak networks will enhance the value Ignition Media can offer clients".
For more information regarding IMC please visit www.ignition-media.com


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