Caltron Introduces 17-Inch Industrial Touch Screen Monitor -

Caltron Introduces 17-Inch Industrial Touch Screen Monitor

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Caltron Industries announced the launch of two new 17-inch industrial touch screen monitors for harsh environments, IPR-1704O and IPS-1704O. Previously, industrial monitors were only available in 10.4-inch and 15-inch sizes. With the launch of IPR-1704O/IPS-1704O, Caltron provides large touch screen capability capable of handling difficult environments for industrial, medical, or outdoor retail systems.

"Certain situations present an unpredictable environment that can be difficult for most touch screen systems," says Jim Wang, President of Caltron Industries. "With models IPR-1704O and IPS-1704O, we now have a way to present a large 17-inch screen in even the harshest conditions."

The IPR-1704O and IPS-1704O models are 17-inch industrial monitors that are sealed and dust/liquid-resistant, providing easy protection from the elements or industrial situations that would typically damage non-sealed monitors. The difference is in their formats: resistive and surface acoustic wave. The IPR-1704O utilizes a 5-wire resistive touch screen overlay and the IPS-1704O uses a Surface Acoustic Wave touch screen technology. Both compliant monitors contain a seal around the touch panel to repel potentially damaging liquids and particles, thus protecting the internal electrical components.

"Our customers demand machine reliability and durability in these situations," says Wang. "Our industrial grade touch screen monitors are designed to withstand pollutants, liquids, and anything that might affect machine uptime."

The IPR-1704O/IPS-1704O models are versatile monitors with enticing optional features. The IP65-compliant monitors can support either a 5-Wire Resistive or Surface Acoustic Wave touch screen with both serial and USB touch interfaces as standard options for touch ports and DVI / VGA for display inputs. A remote OSD control box is available for users that prefer external controls.

Other features include an easy-to-remove back cover for quick firmware upgrades that reduce total maintenance downtime. Both IP65-compliant monitors are built with a unique chassis design for simple integration into many NEMA or industrial applications.

"These two monitors provide greater touch screen display options for the harshest conditions," says Wang. "At the same time, they come with the durability and functionality that is synonymous with the Caltron brand."


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