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DiGiCo Retools SD9 Software for Broadcast and Theater Markets

The What: The SD9 software update enhances critical features for market-specific applications; Broadcast adds 5.1/Surround sound capabilities; Theatre upgrade increases customizable programming functionality.

The What Else: Last year, DiGiCo's SD9 got a boost from supercharged software and firmware upgrades, freeing up more of the FPGA's processing power and adding 100 percent more on many of its features. This year, DiGiCo takes the SD9 further for both the broadcast and theatre markets with new revisions catering specifically to each of these applications in what has become a blossoming market for the SD9B and SD9T.

Additional features include template sessions and Sets (previously only available on SD7T), which has been enhanced to allow for 'Set Spill'. This allows the user to create Sets and, with a simple button press, change the console layout to display members of that Set.

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