Comark Launches 47” Touch Screen Monument Kiosks -

Comark Launches 47” Touch Screen Monument Kiosks

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Comark has added a new stainless steel, interactive monument kiosk to their Retail/Self Service product line.

The 14 gauge stainless steel kiosk enclosure includes a 47” LCD (1920 x1080) which has 3M/DST touch technology with chemically strengthened glass. The stainless steel kiosk and its components are designed to be extremely durable, as well as easy to clean and maintain.

The kiosk can be configured with various CPU and peripheral options, including: high resolution cameras, noise cancelling microphones, dual stereo speakers, proof of play capability, and wireless options. The kiosk is designed for use in malls, shopping centers, transit systems, airport terminals and arenas. Potential applications include information, service status updates, way finding, marketing/advertising, public announcements, and live help.

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