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Powersoft Amp Drives AV Systems at Security Operations Center

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A Powersoft Ottocanali 1204 eight-channel power amplifier is driving a multi-room audio monitoring system at a new limited access corporate security operations center (SOC) on the West Coast of the United States.

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Delta AV Systems designed, built and installed the mission critical audio-visual systems at the end of 2012 for the global information security company, which recently completed the new SOC at a facility that stores sensitive data for some of its largest clients.

David R. Garlett, senior design consultant, Delta AV Systems, which is based in Gresham, OR, designed the AV systems for the high-security SOC, which is in operation around the clock, 365 days a year. The Powersoft Ottocanali 1204 provides power to a 5.1 system in the SOC plus a stereo pair in an adjacent conference room.

In the SOC, the five main speakers are positioned left, right and below the center of the video wall, which comprises twelve 55-inch displays in a six wide by two high configuration. The surround speakers are hung on either side of the conference room windows, which overlook the SOC. A stereo pair of speakers is located to the left and right of the main 80-inch video display in the conference room.

“The bottom line was that I had one rack space and I needed eight channels of amplification,” said Garlett. “So the Ottocanali was absolutely perfect. More importantly, my installers really, really like how the amplifier is laid out. When the guys in the field take the time to even comment about what I'm specifying, that means a lot."

Garlett continued, “It was the single most expensive rack that we've ever assembled. The workflow in that room is epic.”

Combining AMX and QSC Audio control and routing with Marantz audio processing, the AV rack enables ten sources—eight workstations plus a cable HDTV feed and a conference room AV input—to be switched to any display or any combination of displays in the facility. The SOC video wall offers a choice of viewing modes, from a single large image, with smaller independent images to each side, to a 10 x 12 display. The video and audio input sources and video wall layout modes are controlled from color touch panels in the SOC, conference room and the manager’s office.

Garlett, who recently also installed multiple Powersoft M Series amplifiers at the Multnomah Athletic Club in downtown Portland, OR, observes that the company’s products typically outperform their published specification. “Everybody's spec sheet is kind of subjective,” he said. “But what I'm finding that is very refreshing is that, if anything, Powersoft’s are understated, and Powersoft amps definitely perform better than the competition. Yes, there are cheaper amplifiers out there—but they're cheaper amplifiers!”

Delta AV is a Portland-based, privately held, audio-visual systems integration firm that has been providing design, engineering, sales, installation, service, custom programming and documentation of high-tech audio/video and control systems since 1996.


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