Collaboration Goes Chic with Audix Ceiling Mic -

Collaboration Goes Chic with Audix Ceiling Mic

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Audix has officially launched its newest microphone for the installed sound industry, the M3 Tri-element Ceiling Microphone. Last week, guest contributor Alex Mayo and AV consultant at Shen Milson & Wilke highlighted the Audix ceiling mic as one of the products that struck his interest as a smaller AV collaboration tool

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Audix M3 Tri-element Ceiling Microphone

Audix co-founder and VP of sales Cliff Castle said, “The innovative design and engineering of the M3 tri-element microphone makes it a stunning addition to the Audix conference ceiling mic series.”

The M3 is the only multi-element design available with fully balanced circuits below the ceiling and a UL rated plenum box solution above the ceiling tile. The low impedance design of the M3 system allows for extremely long cable runs (if required) without cross talk or interference. 

In a statement about the M3 release, Gene Houck, national sales manager for Installed Sound said, “We had been receiving many requests for a tri-element microphone from our Integrators. They wanted a product that would have the same high performance features of our highly successful M70, M40 and M55 Micros conference ceiling microphone series. The M3 is an answer to that call.”


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Audix Adds New Ceiling Microphones

Audix has introduced the M40 and M70 overhead ceiling miking systems, designed to capture and reproduce audio from an overhead ceiling height of eight to ten feet while minimizing room noise and ambient sound.   The M40 and M70 are designed to capture and reproduce audio from an ove

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Audix Hosts Guitar, Mic Giveaway

If you're in the market for an Audix i5 multipurpose microphone, you're in luck — Audix Microphones has partnered with G&L Guitars, Jim Dunlop, and Orange Amplification to give away more than $6,400 in merchandise to one winner.

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Audix ADX Podium Mics

Anaheim, CA-- Audix 's new ADX12 and ADX18 are professional miniature gooseneck condenser microphones with modular capsule components. Designed for applications such as podium, presentation, meetings, and teleconferencing, the ADX12/18 feature a wide frequency range of 40 - 18 kHz. They provide a smooth and natural vo

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Audix Releases Limited Edition D6 Mic

Audix has unveiled a special limited edition D6 microphone to mark the company's 30th anniversary. The company kicked off their anniversary year with the release of limited-run D6 coffee mugs, an instant cult classic among engineers and musicians alike.

Audix Produces Mic Technique Videos

Audix Microphones has released a new three-part video series exploring the basics of microphone technique for live performance.   The Audix Microphone Technique video series is a microphone primer - an instruction manual for your microphone. The message in the video series, according to Audix, is that a vocal micro

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Audix Expands Micros Series

Audix has expanded its Micros Series with the introduction of the M1280B.   The M1280B miniature microphone. With a machined brass housing and modular threaded capsule, the M1280B is designed to handle a wide variety of live, studio, and fixed install applications. Features in

Audix Presents How to Mic a Choir Video

Audix is proud to announce the release of their " How to Mic a Choir " instructional video. The video is broken down into six chapters, featuring Dean K from Audix and guest, Travis Cibolski, engineer and technical director for the Sunset Presbyterian Church in Portland, OR. The two will embark upon a detailed dis