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Clary Icon Signs Sales Partnership with Hitachi Solutions Europe

Clary Icon, the US-based manufacturer of OneScreen all-in-one video collaboration hubs for barrier-free workflow, has expanded its partnership with Hitachi to now include Hitachi Solutions Europe. Hitachi Solutions Europe will provide full sales and support services to OneScreen customers and resellers, aimed at strong market penetration, sales growth, and customer satisfaction.

“Our partnership with Clary Icon continues to produce substantial growth opportunities for Hitachi’s global collaboration business initiative," said Mark Sturges, director of product and services group sales, Hitachi Solutions. "We see a strategic alignment with OneScreen hubware and OneScreen SaaS solutions to deliver best-in-class visual collaboration and the competitive advantages it offers to our customers in Europe."

The global e-learning market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 25 percent according to TechNavio’s Global e- Learning Market 2014-2018 report. One of the key factors affecting the market growth is the corporate sector’s increasing usage and acceptance of e-learning. Digital video systems have revolutionized traditional modes of both training and teaching. Additionally, government initiatives aimed at integrating advanced technologies in educational institutions have increased in both the U.S. and U.K.

Clary Icon, in partnership with Hitachi Solutions Europe, will target this growing market to capture increased percentage of market share in the region. Clary Icon and Hitachi Solutions Europe officially launched the partnership last week at ISE in Amsterdam.

OneScreen is an all-in-one collaboration hub available as a stand-alone, multi-touch screen for the conference or classroom, and as a cloud-based service for remote device deployment. OneScreen delivers best-in-class video, web, and audio conferencing combined with Hitachi Starboard interactive whiteboard software, so teams and students have all of their productivity tools instantly available from one screen. The inclusion of Hitachi Starboard interactive software adds web integration and real-time annotation features, giving teams and students effective tools for facilitating workflow, remote team innovation, and minimizing wasted work time.

“OneScreen, with integrated Hitachi StarBoard software, offers organizations a turnkey video conferencing and collaboration hub that creates barrier-free workflow with the highest degree of performance and reliability," said Sufian Munir, CEO, Clary Icon. "Our partnership with Hitachi Solutions Europe further expands the business development opportunities for our international sales objectives.”