Free E-Waste Pickups for NYC Residents

With the holidays over, New York City residents are enjoying their latest gadgets, but the 2010 NY State e-waste law has left many wondering how to dispose of their old electronics. By January 2012, this law will place a disposal ban on businesses and big buildings (including apartments and condos), preventing the disposal of e-waste in the solid waste stream and requiring proper disposal of discarded electronics. The law leaves city residents struggling to find a responsible e-cycling solution or risk fines and other mandates.

The 4th Bin, New York’s leading provider of e-waste removal and recycling services, wants you to join their community. They are offering free door-to-door e-waste pickups to the first 50 New York City residents (not including Staten Island at this point) who ‘like’ the company on Facebook, starting Tuesday, January 18th at 1 p.m. ET. The promotion ends on February 1, 2011. Company founders will also be sharing photos and updates from the road via Twitter and Facebook on 1/18 and 1/19.

The month of January produces the largest volume of e-waste annually, due in large part to the new gadgets and electronics that are purchased over the holiday season. Until now, there has been no simple, inexpensive way for NYC residents to recycle unwanted electronics. The 4th Bin makes it as straight-forward as scheduling an appointment. They come to you, lowering your carbon footprint. You do not have to rent a car or pack your car; you don’t have to schlep through the snow; and you don't have to drive it somewhere, at a pre-set time and location for an annual e-cycling day that if you miss, you turn around and store your stuff for another year.

The 4th Bin is urging NYC residents to collect and properly discard all unwanted electronics because they should, and because they can. When e-waste finds its way into the regular waste stream or is sent to developing countries to be processed, it causes serious health and pollution problems locally and globally. In addition, many older electronics are still in working condition and can be refurbished for schools, shelters or other community centers that desperately need the equipment. The 4th Bin has an eBay store that offers great deals on refurbished items; but the company also donates a portion of items they’ve refurbished, like unwanted computers, to the local community. In addition, The 4th Bin ensures that all e-waste is recycled safely to uphold the highest standard of environmental and social responsibility. Since February 2010, The 4th Bin has collected over 300,000 pounds of e-waste in New York City.

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