AVI-SPL Expands Collaborative, Telepresence Initiatives

  • TAMPA, FL--AVI-SPL has teamed with TelePresence Technologies, LLC. The partnership highlights the advance of collaborative systems and solutions, expanding the options available for effective, worldwide communications over a diverse range of markets, including corporate, government, healthcare and education.
  • “This relationship represents a full compliment to AVI-SPL’s services, now with the distinct advantage of fully customizable solutions through highly-valued telepresence communications,” said John Zettel, CEO for AVI-SPL. While providing advanced, environmentally-conscious means of reducing travel costs and improving enterprise efficiency, TelePresence Tech systems deliver the ultimate sensation of presence. Through the integration of such highly-specialized technology, participants are provided the benefit of aligned eye contact and exceptional quality, with direct viewing of life-sized participants appearing in a 3D setting.
  • “With nearly 40 offices across the United States, AVI-SPL is the strongest partner to integrate and support our TelePresence systems into customer locations around the country” said Duffie White, CEO of TelePresence Tech. “With the production capacity of our 200,000 square foot, world-class manufacturing facility, we have chosen to team up with the largest integrator in the US to achieve our goal of delivering a high volume of telepresence systems at competitive pricing.”
  • “In these challenging economic times, it’s important that our clients are able to save on travel costs, balanced by the capabilities needed to compete with an increasingly global market,” added Zettel. “Through the partnership of AVI-SPL and TelePresence Tech, our clients can rely on the integration of advanced communication solutions that are customized to meet their budget and support conferencing needs - without sacrificing the quality and impact of their presentations.”


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