Cima NanoTech’s Large Format Touch Screen

  • At 2015 CES, Cima NanoTech, a smart materials company specializing in high performance transparent conductive films, is demonstrating its ultra responsive, large format, projected capacitive touch screens. Cima NanoTech will be hosting private meetings with partners and customers in their exhibit suite at The Venetian to demonstrate how their proprietary SANTE nanoparticle technology enables opportunities for large format touch screen applications. Featured demos include a 57-inch interactive multi-touch table top and 42-inch interactive digital signage, which is commercially available today.
  • Cima NanoTech delivers transparent conductive solutions for large format touch screens ranging from 42-inch and above. The goal is to provide the benefits of projected capacitive touch screens, such as faster response time, true 10-point or greater multi-touch capabilities, higher touch accuracy, in larger screen sizes without the manufacturing and technological barriers of scaling up.
  • Cima NanoTech manufactures SANTE touch films in wide-width rolls, allowing their customers to go up to 105-inch screen sizes while maintaining the same touch performance of smaller screens.
  • The excellent conductivity of SANTE touch films reduces latency and provides a response time of up to 6ms; humans require less than 10ms for a natural touch experience. Users are guaranteed the touch response that they have become accustomed to on their smartphones and tablets.
  • The unique direct flexible printed circuit (FPC) bonding design enables large format touch screens with no bezel/border across all screen sizes for a wider display, viewing and touch-enabled area.
  • Touch panel manufacturers have the freedom to pair SANTE touch films with any LCD monitor and cover glass in the market as, unlike traditional metal mesh films, the random conductive mesh pattern of SANTE touch films does not result in moiré issues.
  • “For large format touch screens to become a mainstream product, we knew we needed to provide a cost-effective solution that can be easily integrated and creates an engaging user experience,” said Jon Brodd, CEO, Cima NanoTech. “Our team has achieved it, and we are confident that with materials such as SANTE touch films, large format touch screens will become commonplace in our lives in the near future.”
  • Target applications for large format touch screens include interactive whiteboards for classrooms and conference rooms, interactive digital signage in shopping malls and retail stores, interactive table tops in restaurants and homes, and interactive kiosks/vending machines.

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