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Digital Storage for Media and Entertainment 2012 Report

The eighth annual report from Coughlin Associates on digital storage in media and entertainment, 2012 Digital Storage for Media and Entertainment Report, has been released.

The report provides 166 pages of in-depth analysis of the role of digital storage in professional media and entertainment. Projections out to 2017 of digital storage demand for content capture, post-production, content distribution and content archiving are provided in 59 tables and 83 figures.

The report includes results from a 2012 survey of mostly SMPTE members on their digital storage needs in these target segments, and compares the results to similar 2009 and 2010 surveys. These surveys were used to refine the current report analysis from previous editions and track industry trends. The report includes input from many experts in the industry which, along with economic analysis and industry publications and announcements, was used to create the data in the report. Some highlights from the report:

•As image resolution increases and as stereoscopic video becomes more common, storage requirements increase.

•The development of HD TV and other high resolution venues in the home and in mobile devices will drive the demand for digital content.

•Flash memory appears to be reaching the tipping point in professional video cameras with survey results showing about 37% utilization in 2012 (growing from 2009 and 2010 survey results). Flash memory is also playing a role in content distribution and post-production.

•Between 2012 and 2017, there is expected to be about a 5.6 X increase in the required digital storage capacity used in the entertainment industry and about a four-fold increase in storage capacity shipped per year (from 22,425 PB to 87,152 PB).

•Total media and entertainment storage revenue will grow more than 1.4 X between 2012 and 2017 (from $5.6 B to $7.8 B.)

•Storage in remote “clouds” is beginning to play an important role in enabling collaborative workflows.The 2012 Digital Storage for Media and Entertainment Report is now available from Coughlin Associates. To get a copy, send a completed order form in the report brochure at, call 408-978-8184, or email

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