Barco Releases Results from ClickShare User Survey -

Barco Releases Results from ClickShare User Survey

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Barco has released the results of its recent ClickShare user survey in which 93 percent of respondents state that it vastly improves meeting efficiency.

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In April 2012, after several years of industry research, dialogue with businesses and resellers, and extensive development and testing, Barco introduced ClickShare, its one-click presentation and collaboration tool. Dozens of companies worldwide tested the Beta production unit of ClickShare in their day-to-day working environment for a minimum of four weeks, completing a user survey upon conclusion of their experience. The result: survey respondents rated ClickShare a 9.78 on a 10-point scale. Users also declared that the ClickShare meeting room presentation system is intuitive, enhances productivity, and fosters meeting room collaboration, according to the company.

Survey respondents specifically praised ClickShare's ease-of-learning, ease-of-use, and collaboration features. The majority of users stated that no training was required to start-up the system: 63 percent of respondents stated that they learned how to use ClickShare through word of mouth, while 31 percent simply followed the wallpaper instructions on the Base Unit. As for ease-of-use, 94 percent agreed that the ClickShare's one-click connectivity makes it a highly user-friendly solution.

When asked about specific ROI achieved from using ClickShare, 93 percent of testers stated that the system improves meeting efficiency by enabling the presenter to display the presentation on-screen in a second. Additional benefits, as expressed by the percentage of respondents below, include:

• Time savings during a meeting (56 percent)
• Increased time savings for IT (69 percent)

Every user also stated that ClickShare promotes a new way of meeting because it allows up to four people to show their contents on the screen at once.

The AV User Group, a community comprised of more than 100 AV professionals from Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions and multi-media integrators, has also praised ClickShare.

"The User Group was established to help guide the AV industry by staying tuned to new and developing products before they come to market," said Owen Ellis, vice president of multimedia engineering, EMEA, at Morgan Stanley and former Chairman of the AV User Group. "Our end-user members provide valuable feedback on products in their early design and development phases. The AV User Groups in London and New York were closely involved with Barco from a very early stage in ClickShare's design. We have seen the product and design evolve throughout the process and are very excited about the result."

"We were very impressed with the easy set-up and operation of the unit which proved to be a true out- of-the-box solution," said a user from a Forbes 500 global financial services firm after the trials. "ClickShare operates as a simple tool for meeting scenarios in which users desire to simultaneously display multiple graphics, and fortunately, ClickShare keeps operation simple and intuitive."


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