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DSE Ramping Up Agenda for February Expo Las Vegas

DSE Ramping Up Agenda for February Expo Las Vegas

The Digital Signage Expo, to take place February 26-28, 2013 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, is shaping up to be a good blend of educational sessions, keynotes, and seminars, in addition to the on-floor exhibits of hardware and software offerings on hand from vendors.

To mark the show’s 10th anniversary, this year’s theme, “Innovation Inspires,” invites attendees to embrace new ideas, challenge existing precepts, embolden their vision of the future, and see how the newest technologies can capture customer attention to help their businesses succeed.

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Dr. Peter L. Bocko, Chief Technology Officer for Corning Glass Technologies, Corning, Inc. will deliver the Wednesday, February 27th Keynote address.

Dr. Peter L. Bocko, Chief Technology Officer, Corning Glass Technologies, Corning, Inc.Dr. Bocko, recognized as one of the foremost glass experts in the display industry and who has contributed to the design, technology delivery and commercialization of new technologies at Corning, will present “Looking Forward by Looking Back: A Futuristic Retrospective on the Trends in Display & Digital Signage.”

Bocko’s remarks will address those key developments he believes have had the greatest impact on the digital signage industry, describe the value propositions for advanced capabilities such as high resolution, interactivity, 3-D, transparent displays, and audio, and the innovative role each will play in the future.

Richard Lebovitz, educational and editorial director of Exponation, LLC, which produces DSE said, “Peter Bocko’s historical perspective and first-hand participation in landmark innovation uniquely qualifies him to describe how innovation will contribute to future advancements, and identify areas of opportunity for professionals in our industry.”

The show’s Thursday, February 28 Keynote, entitled, “Digital Signage 2020: Eyes on the Future,” will be presented by a “thought leadership” panel of four prominent industry experts.

The panelists will share their vision of how technological advancements will inspire change and how these changes will shape the future of the digital signage industry, including their thoughts on the following:

Curt Bailey, President, Sundberg-Ferar, Inc.

Tim Huckaby, Founder & Chairman, InterKnowlogy

Christine Outram, Creative Director, Re:Imagine Group

Jared Schiffman, Founder & CEO, Perch Interactive, Inc.Product Design Evolution: “Every product that has a control panel seems to be moving towards a digital touch display almost always associated with web or mobile device apps, connectivity and/or social media links. Screens are getting larger and processors are getting faster. Larger screens are driving changes to traditional form factors on products. User experience (UX) with products is a whole new game. At the same time, purchase decision criteria and product pricing strategies are changing as alternative revenue streams emerge.” – Curt Bailey, President, Sundberg-Ferar, Inc.

Interface Advancement:
“Multi-touch is now a prevalent method of interaction with digital content systems, but the next big thing is Natural User Interface (NUI), which is more than touch: It’s physical and virtual object interaction. Tracking full-body movement, facial expression and voice with motion-based interfaces that precisely capture common gestures will soon be commonplace followed closely by user interface and voice-capable systems that use multi-array microphones that can uniquely distinguish audio and voices. Within a decade, we will have true non-invasive, neural-capable systems manifested in conscious and non-conscious interfaces.” – Tim Huckaby, Founder & Chairman, InterKnowlogy

Professional Skills Evolution: “As all surfaces become interactive opportunities, a new set of place-based UX designers will be essential. This new class of professionals will integrate lessons learned from web-based UX design, architecture and trans-media storytelling to captivate, connect, delight and measure place-based audiences.” – Christine Outram, Creative Director, Re:Imagine Group

Multi-Sensory Communication:
- “In-store communication is a multi-sensory experience and ideally, those senses should align. The relationship between media and product is not always clear, but co-location makes it clear. The best interface is the one that already exists and strongly suggests that we should focus on natural interactions first.” – Jared Schiffman, Founder & CEO, Perch Interactive, Inc.

Richard Lebovitz, Educational and Editorial Director of Exponation, LLC, which produces DSE said, “The Keynote ‘thought leadership’ panel is designed to provide insight into the many ways that advancements in technology will continue to inspire change in all aspects of designing and taking a product to market. These new insights should help attendees anticipate what will be required to communicate successfully going forward.”

In addition to the keynote presentations, attendees of DSE 2013 will also be able to attend 32 general conference seminars targeting clearly defined audiences and hear peer professionals and industry specialists make presentations relevant to the digital signage and digital out-of-home marketplace. After proposal review and selection by educational oversight committees, relevant topics presented at DSE 2013 will be presented in tracks that cover the key elements of digital signage, including hardware, software and connectivity; network design, management and operation; content; and the business of digital signage and place-based advertising networks.

Below is an overview of some of the new additions to this year’s show:

•Half-day pre-show conferences on Tuesday, February 26
Digital Signage in Education
Digital Signage in Restaurants
SPEED ON…Digital Place-based Network Optimization Strategies
Mobile Technology and Its Implications for Digital Signage
•Full-day pre-show conference on Tuesday, February 26
Design Directions: Digital Dynamic Environments
Full-day post-show workshop on Friday, March 1
Digital Signage Content and Media Expert (DCME) Program
•Interactive Technology Theater on Wednesday & Thursday, February 27-28
14 free on-floor workshops

In addition to the seminar curriculum, DSE 2013 will feature 16 pre- and post-show educational programs, 40 industry vertical discussion groups, an offering of 42 free on-floor workshops, and a program of study to establish certification and ensure certification renewal in cooperation with the Digital Signage Experts Group.

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