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New Products : May 2010

New Products : May 2010

Extron Media Presentation Switcher

Extron Electronics introduces the MPS 409, a multiformat presentation switcher for digital and analog signals. It combines five independent switchers in a single compact enclosure: 3x1 HDMI with embedded audio, 2x1 DVI, 2x1 VGA/HDTV component video, 2x1 composite video, and 9x1 analog stereo audio. The MPS 409 features three selectable switching modes, including the ability to route all DVI and HDMI sources to the display using a single HDMI cable. EDID Minder provides continuous EDID communications between the HDMI, DVI, and VGA sources. HDMI and DVI inputs and outputs are HDCP compliant.

Black Box Pattern Generators

Black Box’s VGA Pattern Generator and HDMI and DVI Pattern Generator are designed to properly calibrate remote computer monitors and highdefinition, 1080p displays. These portable, handheld testing devices enable installers, integrators, and AV techs to quickly verify that source video is reproduced accurately on remote monitors or displays. The compact pattern generators feature a built-in rechargeable battery that supports up to 34 video test patterns for color performance and linearity.

Crestron HD-TX3-F And HD-RX3-F Transmitter/ Receiver Pair

Crestron’s HD-TX3-F and HD-RX3-F transmitter/receiver pair provides a solution to extend uncompressed HDMI, analog audio, ethernet, USB HID, and control signals up to 1000 feet over single multimode fiber. The pair is designed to support HDMI 1.3a with Deep Color and 7.1 channel lossless audio, manage EDID and HDCP, handle resolutions up to 1920x1200 and 1080p60, and be compatible with both DVI and DisplayPort Multimode. Crestron HDMI-over-fiber delivers long distance transmission solutions that are simple to implement. No special configuration or programming is required.

Peavey EU Series

Peavey’s EU Series class D powered loudspeaker enclosures showcase the 12-inch Peavey Black Widow BWX-DVC Neo loudspeaker, engineered with dual voice coil, push-pull technology, and a neodymium magnet. A Woofer Servo circuit is intended to monitor back-EMF and controls cone motion, ensuring the cone’s movement mirrors the driving signal from the power amp and resulting in very low distortion, high power handling and rock-solid low-frequency attack. The EU 112D and EU 115D feature Peavey’s two-inch RX22 titanium compression driver and quadratic throat waveguide horn in an asymmetrical design providing 100 degrees H x 50 degrees V coverage.

Biamp SONA AEC Algorithm

Biamp Systems’ Sona features AEC algorithm now available in AudiaFLEX AEC-2HD cards, Nexia VCs, and Nexia TC processors. The Sona algorithm is designed to provide wideband echo cancellation without compromising resources dedicated to other DSP functions. During multiple-participant conferences, the algorithm allows for full duplex wideband transmission of speech in every instance, including doubletalk, and greatly enhances intelligibility, and audio performance. Sona also provides users with improved background noise reduction resulting in clearer, more natural sound.

Gefen HD Digital Signage Player

Gefen’s HD Digital Signage Player offers a variety of flexible functions that serve both large and small digital signage installations while controlling the content over IP. Users can upload pre-recorded video in multiple formats, background music, and scrolling text to customize their content. Playlists can be scheduled to the second using the calendar function, accessed on any computer using Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 software.

L-Acoustics LA-AES3 AES/EBU Input Card

L-Acoustics’ AES/EBU input card LA-AES3 offers one AES/ EBU stereo input and one AES/EBU thru port to connect an LA4 or LA8 to any digital mixing desk or audio distribution network while maintaining a digital signal path. It includes ne AES/EBU input compliant with AES3, AES11, and IEC 60958 specifications. It also has AES/EBU to analog input automatic fallback option with constant delay, high-quality hardware sample rate converter accepting program sampled from 44.1 kHz up to 192 kHz, adjustable gain of -12.0 dB to +12.0 dB by 0.1 dB steps, one AES/ EBU thru electronically buffered with failsafe relay.

Meyer Sound MINA

Meyer Sound’s MINA is less than 18.5 inches wide, yet capable of producing up to 128 dB SPL at one meter. Its operating frequency ranges from 75 Hz to 18 kHz over a wide 100-degree horizontal coverage area. Each MINA loudspeaker weighs only 47 pounds, making it a suitable component for integrators working with historic theaters and other venues with strict rigging requirements.

Da-Lite JKP Affinity Screen Series

Da-Lite and Joe Kane Productions’ JKP Affinity 1.1 is designed for use in larger venues in combination with high lumen output HD projectors. The HD Progressive 1.1 gain projection screen retains all of the product features the JKP Affinity Screen series originally retained. The JKP Affinity Screen series now features three specific fabrics for reproduction in a low ambient light installation. With its uniformity, clarity, contrast, and picture fidelity, the addition of the HD Progressive 1.1 gain material gives both end users and integrators a wide range of JKP Affinity Screens. The new HD Progressive projection screens are available in seamless heights up to 16 feet and in fixed frame or electric screen versions.

Premier Mounts Universal Short Throw Projector Wall Mounts

Premier Mounts has introduced two universal short throw projector wall mounts with audio components. This product provides high quality audio solution for educational institutions in a time of limited budgets for technology. Designed with two 25-watt speakers and a 50-watt amplifier, the UNI-STA+Audio and UNI-EXT+Audio are flexible mounting options for all of the latest short-throw projectors. A GearBox is integrated into the projector base plate, which securely stores away AV and IT components.

Extron Modular DVI Matrix Switchers

Extron Electronics introduces the DMS 3600 and DMS 1600, two modular DVI matrix switchers that combine the simplicity and reliability of a fixed I/O matrix switcher with the flexibility of a modular matrix switcher. They accept various combinations of 4-port DVI input boards, 4-port DVI output boards, and 4x4 DVI input/output boards for switching DVI digital video signals without copy protection. The DMS 3600 is an 8U enclosure that can be configured in I/O sizes from 4x4 to 36x36, while the DMS 1600 is a 4U model, configurable from 4x4 to 16x16.

JVC DLA-SH7NLG Projector

JVC’s 10 MegaPixel DLA-SH7NLG is a 4K D-ILA projector incorporating three 1.27-inch 4K2K D-ILA display devices for imaging and dual high-pressure mercury lamps for 5,000 ANSI lumens of brightness. The 4K2K D-ILA projector is ideal for planetariums, museums, simulators, and medical institutions, as well as high-spec design and monitoring facilities. Like its predecessor, the DLA-SH7NLG achieves high resolution of approximately 10 megapixels, which is five times the resolution of full HD, plus the projector has a 10,000:1 native contrast ratio. The DLA-SH7NLG operates on normal AC 100-220V power and consumes less than 1.1 kW.

HaiVision FURNACE 5.5

HaiVision’s FURNACE version 5.5 incorporates support of in-line metadata allowing users to tag video moments with freeform data while recording. HotMarks can be applied directly to the video asset during the recording process either through the web interface or via third-party control systems. FURNACE 5.5 also includes a complete application programming interface for the network video recorder option. FURNACE 5.5 includes the support of API-controlled and extensible network video recording with HotMarks technology and record/review/publish workflow. The multistream monitoring feature has been extended to address the specific challenges required for OR monitoring at a nurse’s station including preset screen and channel configurations.

Intelix DIGI-V3A2 Extender Set

Intelix’s DIGI-V3A2 extender set transmits high-definition component video and stereo audio over a single twisted pair cable, such as Cat-5 or Cat-6. The DIGI-V3A2 features 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, and 1080i YPbPr video performance and high-fidelity 20Hz to 20kHz audio performance up to 1,000 feet over a single twisted pair cable. To ensure the highest possible signal quality, the receive unit features built-in video equalization and skew compensation. Each set includes a send unit, receive unit, and two power supplies.

SoundTube SolidDrive Colors

SoundTube Entertainment has announced the availability of SolidDrive units in three colors: existing chrome finish and new matte black or titanium finishes. SolidDrive is a sound transducer that is designed to transmit acoustical energy using almost any solid surface. Common building materials such as drywall, glass, and wood can be transformed into high quality sound sources.

Peerless DST360 Display Mount

Peerless Industries’ DST360 universal wall or ceiling mount is designed to eliminate the need to install displays and media players separately while increasing security and allowing the media device to be serviced or replaced without removing the display. Designed for 26- to 60-inch flat panel displays used in applications requiring a media player to drive graphics, the DST360 features an enclosed space behind the display that can accommodate a computer or media controller up to 15 x 9 x 3inches.

Provider Series Head-Clip

Provider Series’ Head-Clip can be attached to the Countryman E6, E6i, and E6s microphones to transform them into a dual ear microphone. The adaptation of the Head-Clip only requires a small modification by the consumer. This new adaptation still allows the Head-Clip to be used with virtually every brand of lavalier microphone. The Head-Clip is designed to transform a lavalier into a headworn microphone, as well as transform many single ear microphones into a dual ear microphone..

Xantech CWTC10 Commercial Wireless Touch Controller

Xantech’s 10.4-inch WiFi CWTC10 Commercial Wireless Touch Controller provides complete PC power with a full-color 800x600 control panel interface. Xantech’s latest addition to its line of advanced touch panel controllers, it is an ideal complement to Xantech’s new WIC1200 Web Intelligent Controller. The CWTC10 provides a full 10.4-inch wireless control panel, perfect for a variety of applications, including conference rooms, hotels, athletic facilities, and much more. Although the CWTC10 is compatible with a number of third party products, when used with Xantech’s WIC1200, the CWTC10 is the ideal user interface for controlling AV teleconferencing systems, with a large, easy-to-use display.

One Systems POPS Sub

One Systems’ Powered Outdoor Presentation System Sub is designed for applications ranging from indoor or outdoor applications that require a high-output, high-impact subwoofer system that can be used in any weather condition outdoors or inside and is easy to move and set up. The POPS Sub is a powered 18-inch subwoofer system featuring a concert-quality transducer, 1,600 watts of power, full digital signal processing and a tough weather-resistant enclosure. The POPS Sub’s woofer features a four-inch voice coil that is capable of adding substantial bass impact and low-frequency muscle to any sound system.

SierraVideo Alta Pro Wideband Routing Switchers

SierraVideo’s Alta Pro Wideband Routing Switchers are available in 12x8, 12x4, 8x8, and 8x4 configurations with optional stereo audio, all housed in a 3RU frame. At 600MHz, these routing switchers are designed to offer high bandwidth with low crosstalk and a reduced footprint. Each Alta Pro routing switcher employs a single vertically mounted video board, which contains all the signal paths for video routing. These routing switchers are ideal for RGBHV, RGB, and analog HD signal routing applications.

Powersoft Armonía Pro Audio Suite Sound System Management Software

Powersoft’s Armonía Pro Audio Suite sound system management software is designed to deliver a comprehensive software solution for managing and controlling sound systems of any size or scope that rely on Powersoft amplifiers to drive the speaker systems. Armonía Pro Audio Suite is an ethernet-based, auto-addressing software package that offers full control of all amplifier parameters while accommodating AES3 audio on the same cable. The package has built-in redundancy and extensive logging and alerting features. Armonía is designed to work with KDSP-equipped Powersoft K, Q, D, QTU and Duecanali series amplifiers.

Calibre UK PVProHD-IW Scaler

Calibre UK’s PVProHD-IW HD HQV image scaler provides warp capability, scaling, de-interlacing, noise reduction, and image enhancement. Warping of any projector images can be performed for projection onto many surfaces including extreme off-angle projection, curved screens, and unusual or non-geometric shapes and is seamlessly set-up from a standard laptop or PC. PVProHD-IW is intended to recalculate warp parameters as required to suit input resolution changes, aspect ratio, height, width, and overscan adjustments without the need to load a separate warp map for each input configuration.

Chief PG Series Enclosures

Chief Manufacturing’s extra large projector security enclosures fully enclose larger projectors and the projector mount in a locked steel cage to prevent theft and damage. The PG Series of cages are available in three sizes (PG1A, PG2A, and PG3A). All enclosures can be installed over pre-existing installations without disturbing current projector settings. The PG3 can hold projectors up to 25 inches wide x 25 inches deep x 10.75 inches high.

Gepco Distribution Solutions

New to Gepco’s hybrid fiber distribution systems line are the following: HMD Hybrid Fiber Modular Distribution Racks; HMS Hybrid Fiber Fusion Splice Racks; HDR1 High-Density Distribution Racks; HSB Fusion Splice Boxes; HDB SMPTE Field and Studio Boxes; HMP8-Bxx SMPTE 304M Breakout Racks; and HMP8 Modular Hybrid Fiber and Triax Panels. Gepco’s distribution system products simplify and improve the cable installation process, while their modular and expandable designs allow for great flexibility.

Audio-Technica BP892 MicroSet

Audio-Technica is enhancing its BP892 MicroSet Subminiature Omnidirectional Condenser Headworn Microphone with the AT8464 Dual-Ear Microphone Mount. The BP892 is designed to offer increased dynamic range with maximum audio quality and minimum visibility. The Dual-Ear Mount allows users to convert their single-ear-worn BP892 MicroSet to a dual-ear-worn unit for maximum stability and comfort.

Sharp Large-Format LCD Monitors

Sharp’s PN-E601, PN-E521, and PNE421 offer compatibility for use in both portrait and landscape mode applications. To meet a wider range of customer applications, the new PN-E Series is designed to offer an optional expansion board that expands the available input and output terminals and an optional signage controller for a complete digital signage package. The PN-E Monitor Series offers several features and add-ons that enable a complete digital signage solution.

Arlington Non-Metallic Mounting Brackets

Arlington’s non-metallic mounting brackets are designed for installing low voltage class 2 wiring and seating wall plates flush with the mounting surface. The new single-gang, low profile mounting bracket, LV1LP, is for installations using 1/2- or 5/8-inch drywall installed on cast concrete or concrete block walls with furring strips. For existing construction, the LV1LP adjusts to fit 1/4-to one-inch wall thicknesses and helps install faster.

QVS HDMI Portable Video Pattern Generator

QVS’ HDMI Portable Video Pattern Generator is designed for testing HDTV displays and projectors for color and resolutions. It has 34 test patterns, 48 timings from 640x350 to 1920x1200 to HDTV’s 1080p, built-in audio, and HDCP signal tester. It features OSD, up to eight-hours rechargeable battery, and universal power adaptor.

Atlas Sound ControlKom v1.2

Atlas Sound and the Mitek Communications Group release Version 1.2 of the system software. ControlKom takes on the task of managing campus messaging, bell scheduling, security, and more. It is designed to offer an IPbased paging system control with SIP compatibility allowing for integration with almost any existing phone system. Users can simultaneously send an audio stream and/or text message to IP loudspeakers, computer screens, and overhead paging systems.

Barix Store And Play Application

Barix AG’s Store and Play is a new FTP/ HTTP download and playback application for in-store audio programming. Store and Play is designed to give businesses more control over the audio content playing in one or more store or branch locations, without requiring the same investment in resources as a branded radio solution. The same Barix hardware supports both store-and-play and branded radio streaming solutions, which delivers an upgrade path for businesses should they later decide to further enhance their in-store audio platforms. Store and Play is written in Barix’ BCL programming language and can be customized by the system integrator.

EAW SB1001 Subwoofer

EAW’s SB1001 large-format dual-18- inch-loaded subwoofer is an SB1002 large format flyable subwoofer without the rigging hardware. While the dimensions of the SB1001’s vented enclosure and the fundamental acoustical philosophy remain similar to the classic SB1000, the core components are enhanced to include larger 4.5-inch voice coils, 20 percent higher BL, and all neodymium magnet structures.

Roland M-400 A nd M-380 V -Mixers

Roland Systems Group has released software updates for its digital mixing consoles. V-Mixer software update Version 2.1 for M-400 and Version 1.1 for M-380 add S4000M functionality as well as a number of user-requested features. In addition to user interface enhancements, control and configuration of the S-4000M merge unit directly from the V-Mixer has been added. The merge unit allows up to four digital snakeheads to be merged into a REAC stream where the V-Mixer recognizes it as single REAC slave unit.

CAD Audio A static 210 Surveillance Mic

CAD’s Astatic 210 is a miniature-boundary microphone designed for installation in security, ambient monitoring, and observation applications. Visually unobtrusive, the 210 mic features an output level that is variable from -50dBv to -10.5dBV @ one Bar to effectively interface with security cameras, digital video recorders and other observation and recording devices. Astatic’s internal audio limiter circuitry is designed to tame high sound pressure levels and improves intelligibility by protecting the audio signal from distorting sensitive recording circuitry in cameras and digital recorders. The volume control is located on the side of the microphone and is protected from tampering when the microphone is installed.

NEC P701 LCD Display

NEC Display Solutions’ 70-inch P701 LCD display for digital signage is designed for the rigors of 24/7 applications. Along with providing full connectivity, including DisplayPort for maximum flexibility and ethernet connection for ease in remote monitoring, the P701 touts more than 30 built-in features in its enhanced digital signage technology suite. Among these are TileMatrixT, which enables customers to create a video wall of up to 100 displays in a 10x10 matrix, an ambient light sensor, which automatically adjusts the display according to the amount of surrounding light to guarantee consistent brightness no matter the lighting conditions, and a built-in scheduler.

Altinex DA 103-301 HDMI 1x2 Splitter

Altinex’s DA103-301 is a HDMI 1x2 distribution amplifier that supports HDMI Version 1.3 with embedded HDCP. The DA103-301 is designed to enable one device to present simultaneous feeds to two separate HDMI displays with computer resolutions up to 1920x1200 and HDTV formats 480p to 1080p at distances up to 40 feet. The compact DA103-301 supports standards such as HDMI V1.3 with deep color and digital audio formats LPCM/ Dolby-AC3/DTS 7.1/DSD.

Sanyo Ultra-Short- Throw Projector Mounts

Sanyo has introduced two new shortthrow projector mounts that integrate a quality high-output audio playback system into the mount itself. The MTEDU 101 and MT-EDU 102 eliminate the need to use the projector’s internal speakers or a separate audio system by incorporating a 50-watt two-channel amplifier and two 25-watt rated twoway speakers into the chassis of the wall mount. The speakers, which use 5-inch woofers and directional tweeters, are tuned to provide sound coverage in large rooms, including a standard 32- x 32-foot classroom.

Omnivex Moxie Software

Omnivex’s Moxie 6.05 has the functionality to manage video walls driven by any number of PCs to form single or multiple images through the video wall synchronization feature. A video can span multiple PCs, be displayed on multiple screens and remain in frame synchronization, even in the event of one or more player PCs restarting.

Telecast Fiber Systems CopperHead 3200

Telecast Fiber Systems’ CopperHead 3200 is the first in the company’s new Series 3000 family of camera-mounted fiber optic transceivers. The CopperHead 3200 is designed to offer a midrange multicasting solution for a range of HD broadcasting applications including TV news and sports production, electronic cinematography, and multi-camera studio, truck, and flypack field production. The CopperHead 3200 provides a fiber optic link between any professional camera or camcorder and the broadcaster’s truck, control room, or video village position. Over a single fiber connection, the system simultaneously transports bidirectional digital and analog video, as well as all two-way camera control, audio, video, data, sync, tally/call, prompter, and intercom signals between the camera and the base station.

X2O Media Xpresenter 3.0

X2O Media’s Xpresenter 3.0 combines ease of use with broadcast-quality graphics. Version 3.0 includes an overhaul of the Xpresenter Template Maker, the authoring application running inside Microsoft PowerPoint, to integrate content management and simple drag-anddrop placement of objects, in addition to support for 3-D objects and animations. Content creation is further simplified with new Microsoft Office add-ins for PowerPoint, Word, and Excel.

TV One LM -404HD LCD Color Monitor

TV One’s LM-404HD is a multi-format, Quad Color LCD Monitor for the broadcast and professional market. It provides four 4.3-inch diagonal 16x9 displays. The unit features inputs for SDI with an active loop thru, analog RGBHV, YPbPr component video, a composite video and a YC input. NTSC and PAL television standards are also supported and automatically detected. Front panel Tally LED’s can be activated external via the DB9 connector. The on screen display menu contains all the necessary controls to adjust contrast, brightness, sharpness, color level, and other parameters necessary for optimum monitor performance.

Casio Mercury-Free High-Brightness Projectors

Casio introduces a mercury-free laser and LED hybrid light source, capable of high-brightness projection. Casio is releasing a line of Green Slim projectors with the new light source, introducing mercury-free high-brightness data projectors. Casio created a mercury-free hybrid light source capable of generating high brightness by combining a laser, a fluorescent element, and an LED. Casio achieved high output of green light by converting blue laser light into green light, using the fluorescent element. The high-brightness light of 2,000 or more lumens was then attained by projecting blue laser light, green light converted from blue laser light with the fluorescent element, and light emitted by a red LED through a DLP chip onto the screen.

Communitek Minicaster Live HD And SD Video Streaming Encoder

Communitek Video Systems’ Minicaster is a standalone encoding system designed for live streaming of HD and SD content for Internet video broadcasts and IPTV applications. Offering real-time MPEG4/H.264, Adobe Flash and Windows Media encoding, this compact device is a solution for live broadcasts from both field and studio locations. Applications include live sports and concert events, video conferencing for business, government and medical applications, as well as worldwide distribution of television and radio broadcasts over the Internet. Streams can be generated at bit rates ranging from 100 kbps to 15 Mbps in real-time from HD-SDI, SD-SDI, S-video or composite video sources with either discrete or embedded audio.

Riedel MediorNet Multi-I/O Breakout Panel

To offer a solution for interfacing audio and other signals with MediorNet, the new MN-MBR Multi-I/O Breakout Panel provides eight AES and eight analog four-wire connectors over Cat-5. 12 GPIOs and four serial ports via Sub-D 9-pin connectors complete the device’s interfacing. All signals are distributed intelligently through the MediorNet installation. The 19-inch/1 RU panel is connected to the MediorNet frame via two 44 pin Sub-D connectors to the MediorNet MN-MIO Multiple I/O card, which occupies just one low-speed port of the MediorNet mainframe. The breakout panel is also powered via the Multi-I/O card and does not need an external power supply.

Gefen USB-400 Fiber Optic

Gefen has released a newly redesigned fiber opticsbased extender, the USB-400 Fiber Optic (FO). This longrange four-port USB 2.0 hub powers multiple hi-speed peripherals at distances up to 1640-feet from the computer, enabling a reliable remote workstation. The Gefen USB-400 FO extender provides a high-bandwidth method of extending up to four USB 2.0 devices, including printers, keyboard/mouse, cameras, hard drives and DVD burners, enabling complete connectivity when operating in the field. The solution is ideal for professional applications as it offers invulnerability to electromagnetic and radio signal interference. The USB-400 FO is designed to be simple to install and use.

Panamax M4315-PRO And M4320-PRO

Panamax’s first PRO series power management products featuring BlueBOLT—hosted IP system control over compatible Panamax products. For an optimal theater experience, the M4315-PRO and M4320-PRO are designed to combine control to reduce service calls with pro level linear noise filtration for enhanced audio and video system performance. With BlueBOLT, custom electronics installers and integrators can power-cycle all eight individual M4315-PRO and M4320-PRO outlets from any web browser or webenabled mobile device, reducing service calls. BlueBOLT-enabled devices automatically connect to without requiring network/router setup, port forwarding, or static IP addresses.

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