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CEDIA Releases New Emerging Trends Video

The CEDIA Technology Council has released the second video in its ongoing series on emerging trends.

The video series aims to help CEDIA members and members of the electronic systems industry stay informed of opportunities and threats.

The video is available for anyone to view on CEDIA Crosspoint. View this quarter’s video here. CEDIA’s Technology Council will produce emerging trends videos on a quarterly basis; the next video will be released in early October.

This quarter’s emerging trends video covers multiple topics, including wireless distributed audio, cloud-based applications, and app integration. The emerging trends videos will continue to identify current and near-future industry trends that may affect the business of electronic systems professionals.

“Technology is changing at an incredible speed, and these changes affect the way we have traditionally done business,” said Dave Pedigo, senior director of technology for CEDIA. “Being able to identify emerging trends and technologies far in advance will help business owners adapt their business proactively, instead of reactively, which will help with long-term company sustainability and profitability.”

The purpose of the CEDIA Technology Council is to identify new business opportunities and risks for CEDIA members created by emerging and future technologies. The CEDIA Technology Council supports its initiatives with webinars, whitepapers, and the weekly CEDIA Crosspoint news brief, as well as the new series of emerging trends video updates.

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