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Everything is NanoLumen-ated

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The Georgia World Congress Center Goes Gigantic With A Flexible Display

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(Above) The NanoFlex display will be moved all over the GWCC to display content where it will have the most impact for each event. (Inset) Morgan Hudgens, Revelation Outdoor Management, and Dana Michaelis, NanoLumens, showcase the 112-inch NanoFlex digital display recently installed in the Georgia World Congress Center.

NORCROSS, GA—As one of the largest multi-purpose sports and entertainment complexes in the United States, attracting more than one million guests each year, the Georgia World Congress Center’s (GWCC) stated mission is “to constantly earn our reputation as one of the world’s finest convention, sports, and entertainment venues, and to lead our industry through innovation.” To help further the GWCC mission, Atlanta, GA-based Revelation Outdoor Management recently installed a NanoLumens 112-inch NanoFlex digital display that will be used as a portable digital signage display and event banner throughout the center.

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According to Mark Geiger, associate director of marketing and communication for GWCC, “You can’t beat the portability and installation capabilities the NanoFlex display offers us, and we’re confident that our customers will like it as much as we do. We believe this technology will replace printed banners and allow show managers to maximize their return on sponsorship dollars.

“The NanoLumens flexible screen is a digital banner and gives users the ability to display numerous eye-catching static messages and video content,” he continued. “Utilizing a single device to display high-end graphics for six customers versus using six printed banners is also a green initiative, which helped in our decision-making process. Many of those banners are outdated after a few days of use and end up in a landfill somewhere.”

Revelation Outdoor Management sells advertising throughout the GWCC, so it’s also in its best interest to use the latest and greatest technology. “We want to make our place-based marketing more effective, and the NanoFlex display opens up all kinds of new possibilities for display placement,” said Revelation Outdoor Management president Morgan Hudgens. “Because it’s so durable, lightweight, and easy and quick to install and break down, we are going to be able move this 112-inch screen all over the GWCC to display content where it will have the most impact for each event. When visitors and guests see this huge display wrapped around a column or hanging from the ceiling, their jaws will drop.”

NanoLumens president Rick Cope sees the NanoFlex display opening a whole new world of portable digital messaging for event producers and convention center owners. “Our NanoFlex technology allows advertisers and exhibitors to interact with their audience in ways that were never before possible. Spaces that once remained bare and unused can now be transformed into brilliant dynamic displays for video or static content, and it distinguishes companies that use it from the average booth or advertising display.”


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NanoLumens Helps LSU Students Focus on Careers

As the largest public university in the state, Louisiana State University (LSU) provides approximately 30,000 students with the tools they need to launch successful post graduate careers. This commitment was just reinforced with the recent opening of the university's new Olinde Career Center (OCC): a two-floor, 17,000 square foot space where students' future career goals take shape.

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Boise State Installs NanoLumens Display in Performing Arts Center

When the Velma V. Morrison Center for the Performing Arts at Boise State University needed to install a digital display in its lobby to engage, inform and entertain patrons of the Center before, during and after shows, they knew they needed a state-of-the-art display solution that would shine as bright as the performers on stage.

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Cost Isn’t Everything

Novatoo Audio Visual Builds Its Business Based On Service And Access To Its Owners Can a company’s small size be a competitive advantage? “Our customers know they’re dealing with the owners,” said John Toomey, partner at Novatoo Audio Visual of Carol Stream, IL. “If a problem comes up, they’re dealing face