CCS Mid-Atlantic Links with LearningStation

Columbia, MD--CCS Mid-Atlantic has formed an exclusive partnership agreement with LearningStation to provide the LearningStation Insight assessment platform to school districts throughout Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

LearningStation Insight is a new classroom-based testing platform designed to help teachers prepare K-12 students for state and federal standards exams. Insight software is paired with other technology, such as response clicker devices, to allow teachers to administer standards-aligned instruction and measure student progress towards curriculum goals on a daily basis. LearningStation Insight also delivers standards assessment reports in minutes to allow teachers access to real time feedback and reporting that saves hours of administrative work.

LearningStation, a provider of customized web desktops and web-based learning resources for schools, will begin its partnership with CCS Mid-Atlantic this 2011-12 school year.

"We are thrilled about the opportunity of partnering with an innovative company like LearningStation," said Jean Meares, president and co-founder of CCS Mid-Atlantic. "We see huge benefits for students, teachers and faculty, and hope to get this new technology in as many classrooms as possible across the Mid-Atlantic region."

With LearningStation Insight, the benefits for teachers are vast. Instead of the traditional manner of grading—students taking tests and handing them in, followed by the teacher taking home the test to grade it and handing it back days later—students and teachers alike now have real time access to results and can easily determine where instructional improvements or curriculum emphasis needs to be made.

Insight also takes grade reports that were previously done manually, which often take up to 12 hours, and quickly stores the information in a matter of minutes on the "Cloud" for viewing by faculty, principals, and other administration whenever necessary. The web browser-based software gives teachers the opportunity to get back in front of their students and never have to manually grade a test or quiz again. With the push of a button, teachers or administrators can also bring customized reports to meetings to show progressive trends with a documented track record throughout the school year.

LearningStation Insight integrates with all current technologies, including interactive white boards and wireless response devices, to create a richer learning environment in any classroom.

"Cutting-edge audio and visual technologies are becoming more essential for schools with each passing year,” Meares said. “We consider it a privilege to be on the front line helping these important institutions continue to improve and evolve."

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