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Product descriptions are below:



The 5XT is the newest and smallest member of the XT coaxial series. The ultra-compact enclosure is based on a two-way passive design with a nominal impedance of 16 ohms. The compact system contains a one-inch diaphragm compression driver coaxially loaded by a five-inch low-mid frequency transducer mounted in a bass-reflex tuned enclosure. The 5XT cabinet is made of premium-grade Baltic birch plywood. A 3/8-inch microphone stand insert and two M8 inserts for the ETR5 flying bracket are integrated into the cabinet. The 5XT enclosure operates over a frequency range of 90 Hz to 20 kHz. The coaxial transducer arrangement reportedly produces a 100-degree axi-symmetric directivity output along with a smooth tonal response free of secondary lobes over the entire frequency range.



The classic KIVA Modular Line Source is accompanied by the brand new SB15m LF extension. KIVA boasts an impressive track record of performances in classical music, special events and theatres, consistently delivering clear, precise and incredibly intelligible sound. Credentials include long throw capability, extensive vertical coverage capable of matching any audience geometry and smooth and controlled horizontal directivity pattern. As for its new SB15m companion subwoofer, nicknamed “the bass”, it brings in the rock with its extended operating bandwidth which stretches KIVA’s response to 40Hz and an LF impact that brings down the house.



ARCS WIDE and ARCS FOCUS systems are based on two constant curvature enclosures ensuring directivity pattern and SPL capabilities. Intended for medium-throw applications in rental productions and fixed installations. Both operate as a horizontal or vertical array with high SPL, perfect acoustic coupling, solid LF performance and constant tonal balance over distance. ARCS WIDE generates extensive coverage (N x 30°) with a compact array preserving sightlines. ARCS FOCUS achieves a higher SPL and throw within half of the coverage angle (N x 15°). These plug and play products provide intuitive coverage with no simulation software needed.

Martin Audio Ltd

MLA Compact

MLA Compact redefines array technology to deliver much more consistent sound compared to line array. Instead of the line array goal of producing coherent wavefronts as they exit the speaker grilles, MLA Compact combines cellular drive with automated intelligent software to achieve optimum summation across the audience plane itself. With independent onboard DSP control and amplification of 60 individual cells in a 12-enclosure array, MLA Compact is not constrained by the 3dB decrease in SPL with doubling of distance associated with conventional line arrays. Instead, the frequency response and SPL’s at distant balcony seats closely track the front rows.



The LA4X is an amplified controller based on a four input/four output architecture combining the benefits of self-powered speaker packages with the flexibility of outboard DSP and amplification. LA4X can either drive passive enclosures with an “a la carte” one to one link, and/or active enclosures with full discrete power and DSP. It can also operate conventionally with multiple enclosures per channel. The LA4X features a green SMPS power supply with PFC, high efficiency class D amplification capable of delivering 4 x 1000W power at 8 or 4 ohms for 200ms. Other notable features include AES/EBU as standard, 1000 ms of delay and 11 EQ filters per output, advanced L-DRIVE protection and ethernet networking. The LA4X comes with a powerful yet simple to use interface and firmware with ultra-fast boot time.

Meyer Sound

LEO linear large-scale sound reinforcement system

Consisting of the LEO-M line array loudspeaker, 1100-LFC low-frequency control element, and the Galileo Callisto loudspeaker management system, LEO is a linear sound reinforcement system with a tremendous amount of headroom and exceptional fidelity for large-scale live events. Designed for long-throw applications, LEO is defined by its sonic linearity at high, continuous output levels and faithful reproduction of source material with great definition and accuracy.

Crown International

Crown USBX Interface

The Crown USBX interface is a simple and compact unit designed to enable control and monitoring of Crown XTi, CDi, or DSi amplifiers via a wired or wireless Ethernet connection. A built-in Wi-Fi access point allows USBX to become a powerful and convenient tool for managing Crown XTi, CDi, DSi devices via the Powered by Crown iOS application. The primary intended use of USBX is as an interface to Crown USB-enabled amplifiers which connect either directly, or via a downstream USB hub, to a USB port on USBX. Then the amplifiers can be accessed via the RJ45 gigabit Ethernet port on USBX, or wirelessly via the wireless access point which is built into USBX.


Meyer Sound

Galileo Callisto loudspeaker management system

The Galileo Callisto 616 array processor is an elegant hardware and software solution for driving and aligning Meyer Sound loudspeaker array systems faster, and with better precision than ever before. It features full digital operation with fixed latency across all output channels regardless of any applied processing, as well as delay integration for aligning loudspeaker arrays, shaping filters, and simultaneous low- and high-pass filters for subwoofer control. Equalization parameters are edited in the accompanying Compass control software, which provides control of all parameters.



The SD5’s Stealth Super FPGA low noise, heat dissipation work surface offers superior headroom, dynamic range and audio quality, featuring five digitally driven, full color TFT LCD screens, (three are touch-sensitive), and two interactive dynamic metering displays (IDM). As standard, the SD5 comes with a 2GB fiber optic system, which is capable of running 448 channels of I/O at 96kHz, plus 56 console-to-console tie lines, allowing connection to up to 14 of the SD variant racks. There are three redundant MADI ports and local I/O includes eight microphone inputs, eight line outputs and eight AES I/O (mono). The SD5 has 124 input channels; 56 configurable busses (Aux or Groups), plus up to 5.1 master; a 24 x 24 fixed matrix; DiGiTubes on every channel, buss and output; 24 assignable Dynamic EQ; 24 multiband compressors; 24 stereo effects; 32 Graphic EQ; 10 x 4 (40) RGB backlit macro buttons; plus the ability to add a Waves upgrade.


NEC Display Solutions


The 11,000-lumen NEC PH1000U professional installation projector offers a unique 3-chip DLP system that creates quality, larger-than-life images under virtually any operating condition to take on the most demanding integration projects. Perfect for large venues or high ambient lighting conditions, it supports multiple input cards and includes Open Pluggable Specification (OPS), the first industry-wide standardization in option slots to simplify installation, use and maintenance while offering input flexibility. Its Integrated Device Technology HQV™ is a high-performance video processing/scaling system designed for computer signals, standard or high-definition video. The PH1000U is ideal for higher education, house of worship, corporate and retail environments.

Digital Projection International

TITAN WUXGA Quad 2000-3D projector

DPI presents a revolution in advanced 3-chip DLP displays with the new 20,000 lumen TITAN WUXGA Quad 2000-3D projector. Incredibly compact and efficient for its lumen performance, the Quad 2000 incorporates DPI’s 3D Dual Flash Processing™ connectivity, Intelligent Lens Mount, ColorMax™ color calibration technology, and more to suit almost any commercial installation or staging application imaginable. Additionally, the 4-lamp Quad 2000 produces this remarkable brightness while being much smaller in size, lighter and creating less measureable noise than similar displays. Futhermore, the Quad 2000’s advanced image Warp and Blend allows for extensive geometric warp correction for screens with complex geometry.


Panasonic PT-DZ21KU 3-Chip DLP Projector

The PT-DZ21KU offers WUXGA resolution, 20,000 lumens of brightness, 3D compatibility and installation flexibility. It has been designed with an extremely small footprint due to a highly efficient optical design, as well as an improved liquid cooling system, minimizing noise levels and making the projector ideal for large-venue applications such as museums and rental and staging that requires maximum brightness and easy handling. The PT-DZ21KU’s Detail Clarity Processor 3 gives natural clarity to the finest details and the System Daylight View 2 optimizes image quality to improve color perception, even in brightly lit rooms. The Geometric Adjustment function adjusts the image for projection onto spherical, cylindrical and other specially shaped screens, providing freedom of creativity.


F85 compact high-resolution and high-brightness 3D projector

  • The F85 is a compact 3-chip 3D DLP® projector for large and small screen applications. It offers active or passive 3D at up to 120 Hz, as well as guaranteed colour accuracy and modular I/O and image processing. The F85 is the brightest model in the projectiondesign range. The model boasts a brightness of up to 11,000 lumens and a contrast ratio of 15,000:1 for crisp, detailed images. It is available in WUXGA or 1080p resolution versions as well as a special version that can optically switch between REC709 and DCI P7 color spaces taking advantage of projectiondesign’s unique motorized ACOP (Advanced Color Optical Processing) design.


BenQ America Corp.

SH963 DLP Large-Venue Projector

Equipped with native full HD 1080p resolution, the SH963 offers 6,000 lumens of brightness, flexible installation features, and Hollywood Quality Video (HQV), specifically designed to bring exciting AV experiences to large spaces at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). The SH963 is equipped with a 50000:1 contrast ratio and a native 16:9 aspect ratio with a full 1.07 billion-color palette. The projector’s dual-lamp design allows users to opt for maximum brightness or choose an eco-mode that extends lamp life by up to 30 percent. H+V Lens Shift technology gives users flexibility in projector placement, allowing the focal point of the lens to be adjusted in venues where dead-center placement isn’t possible.

Hitachi America Ltd.

Hitachi CP-WX8255A Projector

The Hitachi CP-WX8255A projector offers 5,500 ANSI lumens brightness and WXGA resolution in a low-profile chassis. Center-lens design makes it easy to align the projector with the center of the screen for faster and trouble-free setup. Motorized zoom, focus and lens shift control allows for a great range of setup possibilities. In addition to one middle throw standard lens, four optional lenses are available, depending on the throw distance. The CP-WX8255A also offers a display rotation of 360 degrees for creative applications. Hitachi’s Perfect Fit 2 enables the user to adjust individual corners and sides independent of one another.

NEC Display Solutions


The new P451W is the successor of our P350W and is designed for corporate meeting rooms as well as higher education. It comes with 1.000 ANSI lm more brightness, horizontal keystone correction and more powerful 16W speaker. The P451W offers improved contrast (from 2000:1 to 4000:1) and connectivity (two HDMI with HDCP) – allows for simultaneous digital connection of high definition sources such as Blu-ray players, cable boxes, satellite receivers and computers

Sony Electronics

Sony VPL-FH36 projector

Sony’s VPL-FH36 projector is ideal for rental and staging, where installation flexibility, trouble-free maintenance and stylish “blend-in” designs are critical, as well higher education, corporations, museums, and medical (DICOM) applications. Designed to visually blend in to any environments, the VPL-FH36 is available in white (for classrooms and meeting rooms) or black (to fit unobtrusively in dark environments such as museums, houses of worship and rental and staging uses). It can perform extreme lens shifts of vertical +60% and horizontal ±32%, with a built in edge-blending feature. Based on Sony’s BrightEra™ 3LCD technology, the high-resolution VPL-FH36 (1920x1200) projector has Full HD compatibility with manual zoom of approximately 1.6x, allowing for high magnification of up to 40 inches to 600 inches screen size. The VPL-FH36 has a light output of 5,200 lumens (in high lamp mode). A Quad Filter System means the filters only need to be cleaned when the lamp is changed -- even in harsh conditions – for an approximate 15,000-hours cleaning cycle and approximate lamp life of 3500 hours (in standard lamp mode).


FL35 ReaLED projector

The FL35 has no lamp and no consumables and has a pixel precision of 2560 x 1600. With its 2nd generation LED illumination system the FL35 shows double the resolution and at 50 % higher brightness than any other LED-illuminated projector and an unmatched 100,000 hours life time of the LED light source. The FL35 improves operation up-time and drastically reduce maintenance costs, operating costs, and technical resources, making sure you will never compromise the quality of your service.

BEST FLAT PANEL DISPLAY, entries:NEC Display Solutions


NEC's complete 46" 3x3 LCD TileMatrix Video Wall Solution delivers an all-in-one, solution that is ideal for dynamic digital signage and command & control applications. Exclusive TileMatrix and TileComp™ technologies combine with the ultra-narrow bezel of the NEC X463UN and the full adjustment capabilities of a Peerless-AV pull-out mount to allow for simple installation and easy access while servicing the video wall. The minimal bezel widths help to avoid interruption of the displayed content while included DVI and RS232 cables can be used to source digital signage content while controlling the display. An NEC Display Wall Calibrator kit is included, allowing for accurate brightness intensity, white point matching and greater color uniformity from screen-to-screen.

NEC Display Solutions


The V552 is a large-screen LCD display that offers high-performance and a full HD panel which makes it ideal for extended operation times, including retail stores, restaurants, indoor venues, training facilities and corporate boardrooms. This model utilizes LED backlighting to reduce the product’s depth, weight and power consumption when compared to their predecessors. Each also features built-in 10-watt speakers and an Open Pluggable Specification (OPS)-compliant expansion slot. This future-proofs the display and allows for the seamless integration of a computer or other NEC/third-party accessories. Additionally, video, RS-232 control and power are passed internally from the display to the accessory, allowing the elimination of additional cabling and simplifying installations.


Panasonic TH-47LFX6U Professional Outdoor LCD Display

The 47” Panasonic TH-47LFX6U professional LCD display, with a full 1,000 cd/m2 of brightness and IP 44 level dust and water resistance, is ideal for outdoor use including drive thru menu boards at quick serve restaurants as well as an outdoor wayfinding solution. Images are crisp and clear even in brightly lit places, so information is accurately relayed and visibility is superb. The display also features an air-cooled system which suppresses temperature rises in the panel due to direct sunlight exposure.

Sony Electronics

FWD-S55H2 - 55-inch commercial grade flat panel display

Sony’s FWD-S55H2 display delivers bright digital signage content for indoor and outdoor environments, including shopping malls, hotels and airports, as well as other presentation applications in corporate and education environments. The FWD-S55H2 model is fitted with direct LED 1000cd/m2 backlighting for bright and uniform images in all environments, including large venues and places with bright ambient lighting. It is designed to be more environmentally friendly, offering low power consumption through LED backlighting, which is approximately 35 per cent less than a conventional Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) model. The display’s energy saving design emits less CO2 during use. It can be controlled via included RS-232C or RJ45 interfaces with Network Display Management tools, which can monitor the display status and control multiple displays over VAN, VPN or the Internet. The display can be installed in landscape or portrait mode. As a result, menu screens can be easily changed according to desired screen layout. Each model has a slim installation design, including a slim bezel thickness of only 16.1mm on the B-series displays. The depth is less than half of a traditional LCD display. The signal in and out terminals are incorporated into the display’s profile to avoid protruding from the unit.

LG Electronics USA

LG Outdoor Display (47WX50MF)

LG’s 47-inch 47WX50MF Outdoor Display uses high-brightness Shine Out™ display technology, providing captivating and effective digital signage even in high ambient light. LG’s In Plane Switching (IPS) panel technology helps ensure accurate color saturation and contrast at wide-angle viewing and its built-in temperature control helps prevent dark blackening effects even when placed under direct sunlight and heat. The display has a brightness of 2,000 nits, full LED backlighting and 1080p Full HD picture quality in an open frame for easy integration options.


Panasonic LFV50 LED Video Wall Display

Panasonic’s first LED video wall display features an ultra-narrow 2.6mm bezel for near seamless video wall installation. The 55” LFV50 display delivers stunning picture quality with 800 cd/m2 brightness, making it ideal for multiple digital signage and command & control applications for use in transportation hubs, retail centers, corporate lobbies and more. When mounted bezel-to-bezel, the displays’ screen-to-screen distance measures 5.3 mm, which is smaller than available competitive displays in the same category. The displays are designed to work in both portrait and landscape orientations. Users can daisy-chain the displays via DVI-D for easy digital loop-through of the video signal for up to a 5x5 video wall, and features RS232C I/O control.


Samsung Electronics America

Samsung ME75B

At 75-inches, the Samsung ME75B is the largest LED commercial display that uses the edge-type BLU, which not only uses less power and emits less heat than conventional CCFL LCD displays, but also drastically reduces both the weight and depth of the display, making it easier and more efficient to mount. Also, the unique embedded media player eliminates the need for additional devices which provides future savings in both energy bills and waste management costs. The slimmest LED product, this lightweight display is ideal for commercial and retail customers looking to reduce energy spend and time and cost of installations.

LG Electronics USA

LG 84-inch UHD Display (84WS70MS-B)

LG’s 84WS70MS-B LED Widescreen Ultra HD Display offers four times the resolution of a FULL HD (1080p) television and is the sharpest picture available on a large-screen commercial grade display. Integrated into the 84WS70MS-B is LG’s In Plane Switching (IPS) panel technology, which ensures accurate color saturation and contrast for viewing from any angle, and its built-in temperature control that helps prevent dark blackening effects. The display can be mounted in portrait or landscape mode and its 27.9mm slim bezel provides an immersive viewing experience.

BEST LED DISPLAY, entries:Barco LiveDots

Barco C5

The Barco LiveDots C5 LED display offers outstanding image quality with true blacks and high contrast, featuring a 5.5 mm pixel pitch and black face SMD design. Ideal for indoor presentations such as auto shows and other high-profile events, its slim, lightweight package is easy to install, power efficient and features integrated curved capabilities. Barco’s renowned DX-based processing ensures seamless image reproduction and versatility for both fixed and rental applications.




The AT-HDTX (transmitter) and AT-HDRX (receiver) RSNET HDBaseT extenders were specially engineered for maximum HDBaseT performance with reliable signal transmission up to 328 feet (100 meters). Powered by HDBaseT technology, it offers robust video performance up to UltraHD (4K x 2K), 3D compatibility, and multiple options for control including Ethernet, RS-232, and IR. Power over category cable (PoCc) eliminates the need for a power supply at the receiver. A USB port enables field firmware upgrades. Count on compatibility in even the most challenging installations with high EMI rejection. Options are available with various control signals and value- priced HDBaseT technology.


32x32 Modular Matrix/GEF-MOD-32432

Accommodates DVI and DisplayPort using 8x input boards. All inputs are output using DVI, HDBaseT or fiber optics in 8x increments. The 8x DVI boards output to eight displays. The 8x ELR boards extend DVI to 100 meters using one CAT-5 cable per display. Receivers use PoE technology to eliminate power requirements. The 8x FO boards extend DVI to 330 meters using one fiber optic cable per display. Resolutions are supported to 1920x1200. A front-panel LCD provides routing status. Users control the matrix from the front-panel push buttons, RS-232 interface, or IP control. Hot-swappable, dual redundant power supplies are included.

Lightware USA

Lightware MX Series Modular Matrix Routers

Lightware Visual Engineering has recently upgraded to a new series of digital video/audio routing and extension systems. These products are designed according to our well-known philosophy of ‘High Fidelity Signal Management’. The 2011 series router frames and I/O board family incorporate new features, broader signal compatibility, more precise switching, control, troubleshooting and signal measurement. The router frames start from 9x9 I/O size and increase up to 80x80. AV professionals can choose between various I/O sizes, video signal types and transport media options according to their system requirements thanks to our Hybrid Modular Design.

coolux GmbH

Pandoras Box QUAD Server Version 5.3

The Pandoras Box QUAD Server version 5.3 is a turnkey solution that unites state of the art rendering technology with intuitive media- and show control. It features a realtime render-engine and a true 3D compositing environment that allows for projections onto any shape and any surface.

Sony Electronics

Sony NXL-IP55 video network unit

Sony’s NXL-IP55 video network unit can transfer multiple HD image signals, audio signals and control signals over a single network cable, ideal for example, when filming in a theater, stadium, or applications where images may need to be transmitted simultaneously from multiple cameras with as minimal delay time as possible. The NXL-IP55 is designed keep latency to within a single field while sending data streams from multiple cameras over the network cable. Live multi-camera HD production typically requires image transmission through coaxial cables that are HD-SDI compliant, together with numerous other cables to carry syncing and control signals. The NXL-IP55 needs only a single standard network is required to interconnect multiple cameras. The NXL-IP55 supports bi-directional IP image transfer and works seamlessly with the IP transmission features built into Sony’s new HDC-2000 series broadcast production cameras. By merging IP network transmission with the broadcast industry’s standard HD-SDI infrastructure, the NXL-IP55 is an example of Sony’s commitment to developing the next generation of live image transmission solutions.


Atlona 2 x 8 HDMI to HDBaseT Distribution Amplifier

The AT-HDCAT-8ED offers HDBaseT technology for video up to 1920x1200, 3D, and audio signals, while eliminating the need for a power source to receivers since power is transmitted directly over a single category cable, at distances up to 328 ft. (100 m). HDMI output allows up to eight units to be cascaded for massive installations. Has automatic switching to the most recent source activated for seamless performance and built-in redundant power supply in case of power supply failure. The unit supports digital S/PDIF audio and analog audio with captive screw connectors as well as advanced EDID learning for greater compatibility.


Barco PDS Series

The Barco PDS series offers an easy-to-use, fast seamless switcher with more digital inputs at an affordable price. Featuring Barco’s hallmark high-quality scaling technology, the PDS provides simultaneous program output via the DVI and analog connectors. All models include one 3G/HD/SD SDI and four universal analog inputs. Thanks to simple set-up, easy operation and low video delay, the PDS is ideal for live events, boardrooms, houses of worship and educational facilities.


Cresron 64X64 DigitalMedia Switcher

The largest, most powerful digital AV switcher yet, DM-MD64X64 meets the digital/analog AV networking requirements for large commercial environments. DM-MD64XX64 accepts/manages/distributes 64 AV sources of virtually any signal type across long and short distances via Cat5e or fiber. In a space-saving design, the first 4K-compatible switcher features hot-swappable modular blade I/O expansion system for fast, no-downtime field upgrades/modifications, built-in 15" touchscreen for simplified configuration/diagnostics, and built-in Web server enabling full operation/monitoring from any web browser. Same size as our 32x32 DM switcher, same rack space, double the capacity. Hot-swap blade technology optimizes space while allowing exponential scalability in large venues.

Analog Way

Smart Edge FX STE200

Smart Edge FX (STE200) is an advanced, high-resolution, seamless switcher with dual output edge blending. Designed for large screen, high end presentations, the STE200 is equipped with 12 inputs including 4 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI and 2 x DVI. The STE200 features up-to 4 layers including one logo, one frame, and two live layers customizable by the user. It can display up to 2 PIPs and 1 logo on a still background. A variety of transition effects and true seamless switching help create stunning visual presentations, recordable via an included SD/HD video output. Horizontal or Vertical Multi-Screen Edge Blending can be achieved.


Blackmagic ATEM 1 M/E Production Switcher

The ATEM 1 M/E Production Switcher provides the workflow of a traditional 1 M/E SDI switcher combined with a portable two rack unit size and software control panel that runs on a laptop. It includes 4 SDI inputs, 4 HDMI inputs, analog input, SDI, HDMI and analog outputs. On August 6, 2012, Blackmagic announced a major new software update that added full audio mixing capability to the ATEM 1 M/E Production Switcher, letting customers mix embedded audio from SDI and HDMI inputs, as well as external audio inputs. The update also supports mixing audio from its two built in media players.

Sony Electronics

Sony BRC-H900 PTZ color video camera

Sony’s flagship BRC-H900 camera delivers exceptional high picture quality (SD to Full HD) with wide and smooth P/T/Z capabilities. Offering superb sensitivity and horizontal resolution, the BRC-H900 is ideal for corporate/boardroom, house of worship, studio broadcast and distance learning applications and can easily integrate into a wide range of indoor and outdoor systems. The camera delivers: superb picture quality (½-type Exmor™ Sensor); approx. 2 megapixel effective picture elements; excellent performance at minimum illumination, IP control option; advanced color adjustment, flexible installation (desktop or ceiling-mount); and silent and smooth P/T/Z mechanism.

Panasonic System Communications Company of North America

Panasonic AW-HE60H/S

Panasonic’s AW-HE60 integrated pan/tilt/zoom camera comes in two versions, the HE60H with HDMI and component outputs, and the HE60S with HD/SD-SDI and component outputs plus genlock. Both full HD cameras feature including IP live video monitoring for remote preview/control, and a Night Mode for shooting in extremely low light using IR illumination. The compact HE60S/H combine outstanding image quality, smooth PTZ operation and easy integration for superior HD/ SD production. The cameras utilize full HD MOS sensors (effective resolution 1920 x1080) and Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) technology; both IP and RS-422 serial control interfaces are built-in. SLPs are $4700 (HE60H) and $5700 (HE60S).


AV Stumpfl FullWhite Screen

The most advanced development of projection screens for jobs where invisible technology and puristic design is required. By using a FullWhite projection screen one can impress the audience by creating the illusion of just having the pure picture floating in space. Universal and invisible mounting options as well as high stability and flexibility are general key features of all AV Stumpfl projection screen systems. The plug-in frame system (patent pending) allows fast and easy setup. Universal fittings can be positioned on the rear side of the screen structure and allow different mounting options e.g. wall mounting or flying the screen. Special corner reinforcements bring high safety and durability. The projection surface is tensioned over the frame and fixed on frame rear side using hooks.

Stewart Filmscreen

CIMA by Stewart Filmscreen

CIMA by Stewart Filmscreen offers standard configurations and sizes for projects that are less need specific but still demanding quality, durability and performance. CIMA provides integrators with a screen solution that can deliver exceptional performance under a wide range of viewing conditions and at a competitive price. Designed and manufactured in the USA by Stewart’s award winning team, CIMA offers the exceptional brand quality that Stewart is known for to a broader audience seeking 2-piece projection installations. CIMA is available in NEVE white screen material, TIBURON gray screen material, and fixed frame or electriscreen options.


Flex Rental Solutions

Flex 4.6

Flex Rental Solutions has revolutionized Rental Management Software with its elegant and intuitive web based platform, becoming the industry leading provider of rental software in three short years. Requiring nothing more than an Internet connection, it natively supports users on Windows, Mac, Linux and Google Chrome OS platforms. Flex 4 is available as a monthly service (SaaS - Software as a Service), delivered via Cloud Hosting which dramatically reduces up front costs. Key innovations include drag-and-drop inventory management, phonetic search, single click conflict resolution and integration with Quickbooks and Quickbooks Online, Google Calendars, Facebook Events, and Production Exchange.

Database Works Inc.


RentalWorks is the most complete and customizable inventory tracking and asset management software that exists today. Built with years of input from Audiovisual, Lighting, and Film industry professionals, RentalWorks has the features you need to take your company to the next level!



IntelliEvent is the leading supplier of software for event focused rental companies specializing in serving the Production, Audio/Visual, Party, and Event industries. Our products help you better track and manage expensive assets to minimize loss, increase the profitability of your events, and improve your operational effectiveness with detailed resource utilization reports. IntelliEvent software helps you optimize your two most critical assets - equipment and people - to improve productivity, performance, and profits. We now run IntelliEvent Lightning, a cloud-based solution that is continuously being developed, and IntelliEvent Express, a standalone system that has been operational for 15 years. IntelliEvent has grown to almost 1,500 customers throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Australia.



Barco ClickShare is the first wireless visual collaboration product that eliminates the technical barriers to projecting content from any PC platform onto a main conference room display. Requiring no cables or special hardware, ClickShare is an all-digital solution that solves laptop and iPad connectivity issues, enabling up to four meeting participants to simultaneously share their spreadsheets, powerpoints, audio/video and more with a click of a button. It facilitates information-sharing for enhanced collaboration to improve decision-making.


DigitalMedia Presentation Systems with Acoustic Echo Cancellation - DMPS-300-C-AEC

Designed for HD video conferencing systems, DMPS-300-C-AEC is the only all-in-one digital presentation system with built-in echo cancelling. Features full-bandwidth acoustic echo cancellation on all six mic inputs to filter out disruptive echoes from voice communications during teleconferencing calls. Integrates directly with one or two audio or video codecs and combines a control processor, matrix switcher, mic mixer, audio DSP, and amplifier with DigitalMedia technology to offer a complete digital audio/video presentation and videoconferencing solution. Integration of videoconferencing systems is easier with native control of all signal routing and audio processing functions and eliminating complex interconnections/programming of third party DSP's

Premier Mounts

PSD-HDC Clamp Adapter and Flat-Panel Mount

Attaching in under a minute, the precisely designed PSD-HDCA display mount and adapter makes installation a simple, one step process with no special tools required. Extremely versatile, the PSD-HDCA pairs with any Premier Mounts’ dual pole stands, adapter plates, or AV shelves, providing a wide array of mounting options. With a 4.5” bolt pattern, the attached mount has a 100x100mm VESA mounting pattern as well as a tested weight capacity of 500 lb., making it accessible for a vast amount of displays. With Premier Mounts’ adapter plates, the PSD-HDCA will easily work with mounts with a 200×200mm VESA pattern and above.


Furman CN-15MP MiniPort

Designed for components outside the equipment rack, the CN-15MP offers Furman’s SmartSequencing™ technology in a compact form factor. The unit features one pair of AC outlets with configurable delay on/off, while Extreme Voltage Shutdown circuitry protects connected equipment against under/overvoltage conditions. When connected to a Furman SmartSequencer™, equipment can be sequentially powered on/off across multiple zones with a simple button press or turn of a key. Remote control/monitoring is available via the BlueBOLT® cloud-based platform or third-party control systems when utilizing a BB-RS232 adaptor with the SmartSequencer. The CN-15MP can also be integrated with legacy and non-Furman power sequencers.


F35 panorama projector

The F35 panorama has 35% larger viewing desktop than Full HD at the same screen height. With its unique Picture-by-Picture imaging capabilities on a 21 : 9 display enables collaborative viewing in wide-screen with just one projector, where there is normally two. The unique 2560 x 1080 pixel resolution, Dual Head inputs with Picture-by-Picture & with no need for blend & warp, colour match or realign makes it ideal for use in any collaborative environment.


Draper, Inc.

Draper Carrying Cases

Rental and staging dealers said they wanted cases with more interior space, and that can be stacked or stood on end. So, Draper has redesigned carrying cases for the company’s FocalPoint® and StageScreen® projection screens. You’ll love these carrying cases for their ruggedness, stackability, vertical storage, and improved ergonomics. Stronger, stackable, more interior space and can stand upright. Velcro straps for stronger tie down support. Inset ergonomic handle. Stronger wheels. Redesigned for Draper’s newest rental products, FocalPoint®, StageScreen®. You’ll love these carrying cases for their ruggedness, stackability, vertical storage, and improved ergonomics. Stronger, stackable, more interior space and can stand upright. Velcro straps for stronger tie down support. Inset ergonomic handle. Stronger wheels.


FUSION Series mobile cart / LPAU

Chief’s FUSION® Series manual height adjustable mobile cart was designed with rounded edges and sleek features to fit into a variety of environments. Flexible cable covers allow access at any point along the column while concealing cables for a clean installation. A turn knob lets a single user easily raise and lower the screen. The cart also features effortless display adjustment for screen sizes up to 80 inches and 200 lbs (90.7 kg). Tool-free latching flags allow for additional padlock security. Smooth rolling and lockable castors make this portable solution perfect for rental and staging.

BEST SHOW CONTROL, entries:AV Stumpfl GmbH

Wings Engine Stage

AV Stumpfl Wings AV Suite has set new standards in various industries ranging from fixed installations like museums and attractions to live and interactive presentations at events, keynotes and concerts. The main component of the Wings AV Suite is the next generation media server Wings Engine. Wings Engine is distinguished by its extremely high-performance proprietary hardware, professional design, and its embedded software environment. After years of intensive R&D AV Stumpfl finally succeeded in making this server the perfect platform for demanding applications. With it's highly flexible I/O structure to the gen-locked video outputs, Wings Engine and Wings AV Suite is continuing it's game changer status.

HRS Control

UDC Software

Universal Device Control Software or UDC Software for short was born in the live event market and evolved to fit Pro AV control needs in Broadcast, HOW, Corporate meeting rooms, Theaters and more. NO Code GUI solution for configuring your control system. Use in wall mount touch screens, iPads, Android, Windows tablets and much more.

coolux GmbH

Pandoras Box Manager Software Version 5.3

The Pandoras Box Manager is a standalone software solution that allows the synchronization and remote controlling of all Pandoras Box playback products via network. The built-in sequences and the cue based timeline interface enable users to control and fully synchronize an unlimited number of Pandoras Box Servers or Player software systems etc. , as well as interfacing with a great number of external controllers and digital industrial sensors. It acts as a remote file manager and a master, synchronizing any connected client system with sub-frame accuracy. The user-interface is easy to learn and similar to standard compositing and non-linear editing.

Sony Electronics

Anycast Touch live production system

Sony’s new Anycast Touch combines the familiar touch-screen interface common in mobile devices with full-scale A/V performance into one affordable, easy-to-use, ultra-portable live production system. Ideal for broadcasting or webcasting in any live event setting, the all-in-one system combines a video switcher, audio mixer, special effects generator, PTZ camera control, a real-time streaming encoder, image still store, character generator, and scale converter. It uses a sliding, dual touch-screen interface similar to a tablet, with a unique tilt-screen function. The all-in-one Anycast Touch eliminates the need for the additional hardware typically required for professional live streaming such as streaming encoders, video recorders, audio mixers, titlers and remote camera controllers. The system can produce full HD (1920x1080) content with 10-bit processing.


WATCHOUT Multi-Image Display Software

The latest version of Dataton WATCHOUT™ multi-display production and playback system enables the combination of stills, animations, graphics, video, sound and control and playback of live video feeds in a single impressive show across multiple display areas, soft-edge or scattered. WATCHOUT is fully scalable, software-based and requires no proprietary hardware. WATCHOUT can be combined with other systems and technologies such as touch panels or iPhones as an interactive front end to build entire presentation environments.


FUSION Micro-Adjustable Large Freestanding Video Wall Cart / LVM

Chief’s LVM video wall cart mounts make it possible to construct video walls in prominent locations for temporary situations. Available in several landscape and portrait configurations, these freestanding solutions can be combined to achieve video walls up to three displays high and any length. Infinite vertical and lateral adjustments make it possible to create tight display rows and columns. Independent micro-adjustment knobs for height and plumb allow for precise screen alignment without tools. Integrated cable management keeps the installation clean and professional. Smooth rolling and lockable castors make this portable solution perfect for rental and staging.

Premier Mounts
Premier Mounts MTM-3000 Christie MicroTiles Mounting Bracket
The industry’s quickest installation of multiple MicroTiles®, the MTM-3000 Christie® MicroTiles® bracket consists of one single bracket that attaches three MicroTiles®. Floating wall brackets begin the simple installation by creating a flat and plumb surface to align tiles properly with no need for time consuming fine-tune adjustments. Quickly pre-install three MicroTiles® to the MTM-3000, then raise onto the wall brackets. Hooks built on the backside of the brackets allow mounts to be placed quickly and easily in the desired position. Tiles can also be stored in cases attached to the mount for easy transportation to offsite setups. Also available as dual and single tile brackets.Adaptive Video Walls and Displays


HoverPro is a single LCD monitor suspension device that allows you to deliver visual messages and content anywhere and without the limitations of wall mounting and/or expensive kiosks. Messages are permanently displayed above and in front of indoor target audiences by suspending and aiming large LCD and plasma screens (over 40 inches) from any overhead structure. As a pre-engineered rigging system, HoverPro adapts to the standard rear VESA-mounting hole patterns built into flat screen monitors to be safely rigged in portrait and landscape orientations.


WATCHPAX solid-state media player

WATCHPAX delivers full audio & video capability for each display source. Built-in WATCHOUT™ software is accessible by a user interface via TCP/IP. Users can manage stills, 3D objects, interactive elements, animations, graphics, video & sound. WATCHPAX comes in a matte black aluminum package measuring 5 x 6 x 1 inches & sits discreetly on the back of a flat-panel display. The unit weighs 16 ounces, consumes very little power & runs over any standard wired network.



Stewart Filmscreen’s Mystik! is a self-adhesive projection material designed for use in digital signage applications. Mystik! is ideal as a storefront application, as well as in other retail and public venues when a 2-piece projection solution is desired. It can be applied to any window or glass door to transform the surface into a translucent projection screen and easily deployed in venues such as retail outlets, trade shows, restaurants, museums, public spaces, and more.NEC Display Solutions


The 29” NEC MultiSync EA294WMi is an LED-backlit desktop monitor ideal for corporate, financial, healthcare and broadcast environments. The widescreen model features IPS panel technology with wide viewing angles (178° horizontal/vertical) and ergonomic adjustability. The LED backlighting of the EA294WMi allows for a slimmer profile, lighter weight and increased power savings. The EA294WMi features picture by picture capability, thus allowing users to essentially replace two 19" SXGA displays. Smart sensing technology automatically calibrates proper display brightness with ambient light and human sensors, while a comprehensive input panel, including HDMI/MHL, DisplayPort, DVI-D (2), VGA (2)and 4-port USB hub, connects users to the latest peripherals and future-proofs the investment.LG Electronics USA

LG EzSign TV (LT560E)

LG’s LT560E EzSign TV is an all-in-one digital signage solution that allows for easy, efficient installation and implementation. EzSign TV has the ability to simultaneously show branded advertisements and live TV or recorded video, providing entertainment for customers while also allowing business owners to deliver specific messaging. Content creation is simple; owners use their own computers to access more than 50 attractive templates and add their own images and text, which can then be transferred or updated to the display wirelessly with an optional Wi-Fi Dongle.

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