SaaS vs. Premised-Based Software Chart Online -

SaaS vs. Premised-Based Software Chart Online

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In the latest issue of Digital Signage magazine we focus on one of the primary differences between the two main digital signage content management software camps: whether their digital signage content management software is a customer-installed solution that runs mainly on “premise-based” servers, or is a “hosted” software as a service (SaaS) that the end user does not “buy” but accesses remotely through a web browser. Of course we are fully aware that many if not most of software vendors claim to “do both”, i.e. they claim they offer both premise-based and SaaS solutions. But most of those are still squarely in one camp when it comes to the vast majority of their sales. So in the special Software section of the July/August issue, we present two articles: one from Jeff Collard of Omnivex carrying the banner of the premise-based software camp; and the other from Ryan Cahoy of Rise Vision with his take on why the SaaS approach is ideal for most situations.

Of course we can’t cover all the bases of even this one “premise-based” vs. SaaS debate in the pages of the magazine. But we’re starting a debate that will carry on in the industry–and carry on, online, because we are featuring an online digital signage content management software vendor comparison chart, at, that anyone can log onto and view, seeing feature sets as described by the vendors themselves (as well as their responses to a survey that we are sending out, to try to more clearly define just who is in what camp.

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Premise-Based vs. SaaS Software Solutions for Digital Signage

While not the most important criteria used to distinguish between all the software vendors in the digital signage space, whether the digital signage content management software runs locally on the end-user hardware (“premisebased” or “on-premise”) or is hosted on servers off-site by a provider (“software as a service” or “SaaS”), is certainly a major consideration upon which a solution is selected.

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SaaS, and Premise-based Software Options

Even as the industry faces a variety of content issues — the most important of which are the creative challenges of crafting content that is brief, to the point, and yet compelling for place-based screens — most end users and integrators still see the issue of SaaS vs. premise-based digital signage content management software as a perplexing one.

Scala Moves Further into Low-Cost SaaS Market

by David Keene Interesting news released just this morning: Scala has acquired the SignChannel division of Boston-based Thinking Screen Media. It’s not a surprise really, because Scala and Thinking Screen Media already had a co-marketing agreement in place, and because the two companies main product offerings are ver