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Bulzi Media Joins Digital Place Based Advertising Association

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Bulzī Media, which operates the world’s first data-driven addressable advertising network for digital out-of-home, has joined the Digital Place Based Advertising Association.

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Bulzī Media aggregates digital out-of-home (OOH) audiences through partnerships with various OOH network operators.

Bulzī's LOCALīz technology measures OOH audiences in real time. This revolutionary technology uses data analytics run continuously on more than 10 billion monthly mobile phone location records in order to attach more than 950 anonymized demographic attributes to the mobile phones. LOCALīz sensing technology identifies the presence of 250 million U.S. mobile phones near any sign in Bulzī's network, uses consumer attributes to measure the small-group micro-audience on-the-fly, and then sends a specific ad to a screen in real time.

Bulzi’s network of 400,000 media assets generates more than 100 million monthly unique visitors in every major U.S. DMA. Ad campaigns can be targeted and served across all of these using any combination of 950 consumer attributes.


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4th Annual Digital Place-Based Advertising Summit

For the fourth year in a row, DSE has created a special pre-show day — this year sponsored by the Digital Place-Based Advertising Association (DPAA) — designed to help marketers and agencies understand the place-based media opportunity.

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Digital Place-Based Advertising Summit Kicks Off Digital Signage Expo

Prior to the opening of the show floor at the Digital Signage Expo– before we all get dazzled by the new technology tools– it’s great to tap into the latest research on how the larger world is using digital signage and DOOH. We all love new-gen flat panels,, content management software, and routers. Everyone attending DSE, or NAB, or InfoComm loves the technology. How are we doing in the real world, with end-users who will eventually dictate the growth of all our companies?