BOI Solutions Uses Vista Systems’ Spyder -

BOI Solutions Uses Vista Systems’ Spyder

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 BOI Solutions of Miamisburg, OH, which designs and manufactures large venue multi-projector virtual displays, has added Vista Systems’ Spyder X20 image processors to its family of products. The company is using Spyder for a number of big projects, including an interactive presentation wall for a major packaged goods giant.

Founded 10 years ago by Bill Othick, BOI Solutions brings together expertise in IT, multimedia components, content delivery technology, networks and automated control to craft a solution for any application from boardrooms to retail, surgical suites to Wall Street, outer space to the manufacturing floor.

“We use Spyders for several of our largest projects—big rooms requiring displays with multiple windows,” said Jason M. Terry, chief operating officer at BOI Solutions. “Spyder does a great job in that capacity.”

BOI Solutions created a 26x7-foot interactive wall for a major packaged goods company, which serves “as a collaboration and presentation tool and also does virtual shelving for their big retail customers,” said Terry. “They can pull up a shelf and manipulate the products on it.”

The wall is driven by blending two Sony 4K projectors, “very large and very bright projectors, which deliver stunning images,” added Terry. “The wall is fed through a Spyder with up to 16 inputs; eight of them are computer sources and the rest are HD video. We have DVI and SDI HD going into it and a huge matrix router in front of it. We can add any source at any given time, including the user’s PC.”

BOI Solutions also deployed its proprietary SpaceTrigger touchscreen software that allows one overlay/touchscreen to control all the sources on the wall. Gestures may be used to manipulate sources as well as pass-through mouse control. This permits multiple users to dynamically interact with multiple sources on the same display wall simultaneously.

By using SpaceTrigger, the client dramatically simplified operating and controlling the wall’s sources.

“Our client can present on the wall with touch and gestures,” Terry explains. “It’s a huge, bright multitouch system with up to 32 touch points at a time. Typing, annotating, swiping—it can work on any touch. And it all runs really well on the Spyder.”


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