Trenton Introduces TVC4401 Video Wall Controller -

Trenton Introduces TVC4401 Video Wall Controller

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Trenton Systems has introduced its TVC4401 video controller, which merges a single-processor Intel Xeon SBC with support for up to six Matrox Mura MPX video cards delivering up to (24) 1080p high-definition inputs across (24) 1080p HD outputs.

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The Trenton TVC4401 leverages each Matrox Mura MPX board's 64 Gbit/sec duplex data transfer rate to ensure HD input captures at full resolution frame rate.


Trenton TVC5401 Video Wall Controller

A new video wall controller from Trenton Systems called the TVC5401 features a backplane with seventeen lighting quick PCI Express x16 video card interface connections.   The TVC5401 video controller merges the backplane and a single board computer with support for up to fourteen Matrox Mur

Trenton Adds New Video Wall Controller

Atlanta, GA-- Trenton has revealed the TVC2401, the company's latest video controller, ready for immediate shipment, built for mounting in small and confined spaces. The system is validated with up to (2) Matrox MPX boards, delivering up to (8) 1080p high-definition inputs and (8) high definition outputs. Trento

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Trenton Unveils New Shelfmount Controller

Atlanta, GA-- Trenton has unveiled the new TVC3400 and TVC4400 video controller product family.     Trenton's new TVC3400 video controller. The controllers are ready for immediate shipment and feature long-life embedded motherboards with up to (3) Matrox Mura MPX boards deliver

New Video Wall Controllers from Trenton

Matrox Graphics Inc. and Trenton Systems have announced three new Trenton video wall controllers, tested and validated for use with Matrox Mura™ MPX display wall controller boards. A single Mura MPX PCI Express x16 board facilitates video switching, signal conversion, scaling and de-interlacing across four input

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Kortrijk, Belgium-- Barco has developed a new range of LED video wall modules, the OLS series, combining the benefits of the OL series with 3D stereo. This new range addresses both control room and simulation markets, offering a flexible, cost-effective, and scalable solution for video walls that need to show stere

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Matrox Graphics Inc. has announced the new Matrox Mura™ MPX Series display wall controller board line-up for collaborative display walls and matrix switcher/scaler installations. The new Mura MPX Series cards combine traditionally separate input and output cards onto a single-slot, PCI Express x16 Gen 2 board, l