Canada’s iSign Media Corp Set to Debut IMS 2.0

MARKHAM, ONTARIO--It’s faster, more flexible, wireless, and speaks multiple languages. The IMS 2.0 is the next generation in Bluetooth proximity marketing. It features a Linux operating system, enriched content delivery capabilities, enhanced data capturing capabilities, enhanced security features all power packed into an even more customizable and flexible marketing tool. Following their highly successful and effective patent pending windows-based IMS 1.0, iSign is again ahead of the trend, recognizing the need for flexibility in a Linux based version with multi-language capability to interact with its global customers and their unique marketing needs. Both tools can seamlessly integrate into existing digital signage networks, or may be used as standalone units in retail or high traffic areas delivering timely, relevant messages at no cost to the recipient on an opt-in only basis.

Interactive Mobile Marketing isn’t a just concept, it’s in practice now – with very positive acceptance worldwide. “Interactive mobile advertising isn’t just a fad or trend, this advertising approach really works. It’s based on the idea of behavioural target marketing. And because the solution is permission-based, the opt-in/opt-out nature in itself is attractive to the consumer. The IMS units report back to iSign’s clients to capture data on consumer behaviour, tracking and creation of (anonymous) shopper profiles. This consumer behavioural information is incredibly valuable to our clients,” says Alex Romanov, president and CEO of iSign Media Corp.

  • Advertising efforts need to be accountable. In addition, the trend towards mobile or online shopping and the growing drive to be ‘green’ and reduce our carbon footprint shows that iSign Media’s Interactive Marketing Solution, 1.0 or 2.0 - just makes good economic green sense. About iSign Media: iSign Media Corp is an IBM Business partner, a member of Bluetooth’s® Special Interest Group, and has patents pending worldwide. As a global leader in Interactive Marketing via Bluetooth® technology, iSign is proof of concept that Interactive Marketing works on a large global scale as a cost effective, accountable, marketing solution that is up to 100x less expensive than traditional forms of marketing, and is simultaneously effective at capturing consumer data, interest and response in real-time. For additional information on how iSign works or how we can power your next campaign, please visit

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