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The What: beyerdynamic's Quinta product family, its 5th generation of wireless conference technology, continues to grow. The future-proof system uses the latest technology, such as intelligent, reliable frequency selection, an AVB interface and control via smartphone or tablet PC.

The What Else: Three different voting options are available with the new Quinta system: parliamentary, multiple choice and public opinion. The software allows results to be displayed in many different ways. Additionally, there is an archive function, as well as the possibility to export the results.

The Bottom Line: The Quinta handheld transmitter can be integrated into the conference system as a delegate microphone unit, offering the same functionality. For use with standard NiMH batteries, a charging dock with smart charging concept will also be made available as an accessory. To meet different requirements, interchangeable heads with different capsules are also available. The handheld transmitter is optimally suited particularly for use in panel discussions, for whispered interpreting, or as an audience microphone, where the users benefit from its flexibility.


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beyerdynamic Orbis Wired Conference System

beyerdynamic's Orbis wired conference system includes the Orbis MU 43 flush mount microphone units with separate CA OL loudspeaker module, the Classis RM 31 Q vertical microphone array, and the Orbis CU control unit.

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Beyerdynamic Unveils Classis Microphones

At InfoComm 2011, beyerdynamic will present individual microphones and new solutions for tour guide, interpretation, and conference applications.   Classis series microphones. The company intends to focus on its new Classis series for installations. The series includes goosene