Samsung’s Square and Transparent Display Products Now Available in U.S.

Samsung’s Square and Transparent Display Products Now Available in U.S.

Samsung Electronics America has launched its 1:1 ratio LED square display (UD22B) and transparent display (NL22B) solutions. The UD22B and NL22B provide business owners with solutions for creating new types of promotional displays in retail, commercial and public locations.

“We are committed to providing our customers with display solutions that feature high picture quality, slim design and flexibility for installations that are only limited by their imagination,” said Tod Pike, senior vice president at Samsung’s Enterprise Business Division. “With the availability of our square and transparent displays, we are offering more choice to businesses looking to implement signage solutions that will help engage customers in creative new ways and drive the bottom line.”

UD22B Square Display

Providing an alternative to traditional rectangular displays, Samsung’s UD22B LED-backlit square display with a 1:1 screen ratio supports unlimited configurations and opens up potential for creating immersive visual experiences. With a 5.5 mm bezel-to-bezel measurement for seamless installation and digital loop out to produce a single image across up to 100 displays, Samsung’s 21.6” square display lets commercial users design artistic video walls. Multiple displays can be connected to produce mosaics as well as cubic or other three-dimensional shaped displays.

Samsung’s UD22B square display uses energy efficient direct LED backlight technology which reduces power consumption by more than 30 percent in terms of wattage when compared to similar sized CCFL backlit display technology. The UD22B also conserves energy by adjusting brightness according to ambient light conditions and enables users to manage content using Samsung’s MagicInfo software.

Samsung’s All-in-One Transparent Display

Samsung’s 22-inch transparent display (NL22B) is available as an all-in-one product showcase. The thin LCD panel on the front of the transparent display allows images and animations to interact with the merchandise inside the showcase while still enabling passers-by to view the product. The three remaining sides are made of protective tempered glass enclosed by a metallic frame.

At a 15 percent transmittance rate, the NL22B is able to show the display message while providing high picture quality of the retail object being displayed. The all-in-one kit includes a built-in PC, speakers, LED back-lit bar and protective glass.

Samsung is also announcing the availability of the following additional commercial display products in the U.S.:

•H Series – an affordable LED display with a built-in TV tuner designed for moderate-use commercial applications where a consumer TV display may be needed in a commercial space such as a bar/restaurant, lobby or doctor’s office. It is designed for customers looking to make the transition from CCFL. The H Series has a two-year onsite warranty and comes with a built-in RS232 port for basic display control functions and USB Media Player for content management.

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