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NEC New Format LCD for Signage

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By David Keene

Last year, LG introduced its “Stretch” wide format LCD panel for digital signage… with a super-wide footprint. And this new unit from NEC is also an interesting addition to the genre. 16X9 (or the still-used 3X4) does not fit every application. It’s nice to see the major players throwing other options into the mix.

Here is the News Release from NEC:

NEC Display Solutions of America has announced an addition to its X Series, the 43-inch X431BT bar-type display. This professional-grade LCD was designed for those customers who want to capitalize on digital signage but do not have an environment that allows for standard-sized screens. These types of areas can include transportation facilities, quick-service restaurants and retail stores.

The X431BT expands the messaging options for customers with its DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI-D connectivity. The bar-type display can be utilized for different styles of content, including menuboards, scrolling text and advertising of new promotions. To further opportunities for potential deployments, it can be mounted in both landscape and portrait orientation. Customers who want to maximize the benefits of installing an X431BT can employ the display’s Picture in Picture (PIP), Picture on Picture (POP) and side-by-side modes to show information in different ways. Two inputs can be displayed simultaneously in any of these modes by either maintaining one aspect ratio or evenly stretching both images to fill each half of the screen.

“Digital signage is constantly changing, and NEC is thrilled to contribute to the industry with a new display that can be used long term in atypical spaces,” said Keith Yanke, Director of Product Marketing for NEC Display Solutions. “The X431BT carries with it the superior technology and management features of NEC’s professional P and S Series, but can be used in tricky areas, like store shelves, stadium pillars or ceiling-mounted in hallways. Our ultimate goal through all of our products and platforms is to advance the market and cultivate the potential of our customers, and we believe the X431BT will fill the gap in some of those missing areas.”

The X431BT bar-type display includes the following features:
. 1920 x 480 native resolution
. 3000:1 contrast ratio
. 500 cd/m² typical brightness, 700 cd/m² maximum brightness
. 105W typical power consumption, less than 1W in standby mode
. Landscape and portrait orientation
. Advanced thermal protection and sealed panel design for protection in less than optimal environments
. Enhanced video wall capabilities, including TileMatrixT (up to 10x10), TileCompT, copy function, and individual or group ID functions
. Enhanced PIP, POP and side-by-side modes to fit the unique display area of the screen
. Full connectivity with DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI-D digital inputs and Ethernet with automated email notifications for diagnostic purposes
. Built-in expansion slot allows for seamless integration of NEC and third-party components
. Real-time clock allows for advanced scheduling of monitor powering up/down
. Ambient light sensor provides consistent brightness in any lighting condition
. Carbon footprint meter tracks and calculates the conservation of green gas emissions
. RS-232 enables multi-display control and daisy chain capabilities
. Windows VistaT certified
. TAA-compliant

The X431BT has an estimated street price of $3,799 and ships with a 3-year limited parts and labor warranty, including the backlight.

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