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Casio to Launch New Digital Signage Business

Casio to Launch New Digital Signage Business

Casio plans to launch a new digital signage business at the end of this month aimed at revolutionizing storefront advertising. Driving this new business is Casio Signage, a tool for helping retailers attract new and repeat customers.

Storefront advertising needs to catch the attention of customers and be interesting and relevant enough to entice them to enter. The Casio Signage business is designed to attract new customers and increase repeat business by leveraging optimum advertising tools and cloud services.

"Casio is excited to venture into this new business opportunity," said Shigenori Itoh , Chairman and CEO of Casio America. "Casio Signage offers a way to make audiences feel welcome and deliver content in a more personal manner than simple words or images.”

Casio Signage has the ability to attract the attention of passers-by with a realistic-looking character that talks to them. Using a custom designed screen shaped like a character, content is created to match the characteristics needed to bring people into a store. The character's appearance and voice can be changed to keep customers from losing interest and increase store traffic. Casio Signage offers multilingual support or multifunctional options in order to help users create a system with content that is most relevant for the customer base.

Main Features of Casio Signage

  • Retailers provide Casio with a still image and text. Casio then animates the image and adds the voice. No video production is required for stores.
  • It features a small 18" x 21.10" footprint. No installation work is required.
  • Multilingual support: Available languages include English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and more. Customers can select the language they want to hear.
  • Casio can provide cloud services such as digital coupons for customers with smartphones.
  • Long-lasting light source: The Laser-LED Hybrid Light Source by Casio delivers approximately 20,000 hours of life.

Casio Signage Main Specifications

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