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Intel Major Digital Signage – DOOH Presentation

David Keene– Curious as to the progress Intel’s Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) has been making in the market? I have enlisted Faizal Javer of Intel to update you next Thursday July 21.

We’re seeing more press releases about digital signage content management software providers integrating Intel AIM Suite into their offerings. Intel now has thirty or so CMS companies, agreeing to work with them. The AIM Suite, hardware and software agnostic, is software license-based (not hardware). In a recent presentation at a private event, and in private conversations at that event, I got an update from Haroon Mirza, Director of Business Development, Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA), Intel. Mirza was one of the founders CognoVision, that was acquired by Intel in September 2010. CognoVision is of course the basis of the Anonymous Video Analytics offering from Intel. Interesting stuff– that you’ll learn next week.

Faizal Javer, Director of Channel Development, Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA), Intel, will deliver an in-depth Presentation, July 21, as part of the Digital Signage 2011 Virtual Trade Show. You can see the Presentation (free of charge), by registering and attending the event.

Register, free of charge, to attend the July 21 virtual event:

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This is what Faizal Javer will address on July 21:

Creating Smart Signage

Faizal Javer, Director of Channel Development, Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA), Intel

  • The success of digital signage going forward hinges on:
  • Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA)
  • Energy efficiency, on the harware/media player side of the equation
  • Remote management
  • Rich Media Content, Processing and Blending
  • By providing a way to measure ROO, and ROI, we can transform digital signage to “smart signage”. An example of this is what Intel is doing, with its AIM Suite, that addresses Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA). Key to the AVA package is face detection technology. No images are recorded, so there is no issue of “privacy”
  • The AIM Suite can measure dwell time in front of the screen, identify viewer patterns, provide ad campaign analytics, aid in real time content triggering, and more. In this presentation, Faizal Javer, Director of Channel Development, Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA), Intel, updates us on the latest developments using new technologies to turn “digital signage” into smart signage.

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