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Wireless Digital Signage Players available from Caltron

  • Caltron’s MP-1080AW and MP-1080HW allows users to receive content updates via wireless internet connection, eliminating the need for costly and complicated Ethernet connections. Like Caltron’s MP-1080 full HD standalone players the MP-1080AW and MP-1080HW both have the same dimensions, weight, functions, and features. Caltron’s MP-1080AW and MP-1080HW use sophisticated wireless technology giving our digital signage value added partners/providers an additional feature to offer to their digital signage customers. MP-1080AW and MP-1080HW, like all of Caltron’s existing digital signage players such as the MP-01, MP-02A, MP-1080A, and MP-1080H, are compact, low cost and reliable with Caltron’s on-line support service to handle your questions. Samples will be available at the beginning of December.
  • For more Information please contact Caltron Sales at 510-440-1800 or email
  • With digital signage changing how advertising and public information is being presented to the public. Advertisers need to find new methods of capturing the attention of audiences. With Caltron's new wireless high definition digital signage player, advertising has never been easier and more convenient. Caltron's players are affordable and easy to use.