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POPAI Digital Standards Committee Meeting

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POPAI is reconvening the Digital Standards Committee with their first meeting of 2008. Michael Willems, the chairman of POPAI's Digital Standards Committee and CTO of Enqii will be joined by new member Lou Giacalone of Titan Worldwide.

To take part in the call, Wednesday, April 9, 1 pm EST, contact Berk Cotter at POPAI, 703-373-8819; bcotter@popai.com


DSF Announces Standards Committee Co-Chairs

The Digital Signage Federation recently announced that Ian Stone of Respario, LP, and Angela Tang of AOpen will co-chair the DSF’s Standards Committee for 2012. The Standards Committee creates and advocates industry standards to ensure continuity and broad industry acceptance in the areas of measurement, integration a

POPAI Digital Signage Conference

POPAI, the Global Association for Marketing At-Retail, is again this fall hosting the 2007 At-Retail Media & Digital Signage Conference. This year's focus is "Sharpening Consumer Focus In-Store". The event will take place September 24, 2007, at the American Conference Center, New York,  New York. The session schedule will be...

Digital Signage Federation Committees Ramp Up

Digital Signage Federation (DSF) , the independent not-for-profit trade organization serving the digital signage industry , has created a new Standards Committee. Ken Goldberg , CEO, Real Digital Media, has accepted the appointment to Chair the new committee, which will set standards for key iss

DSF New Distributor Committee

Eighty percent of all products related to digital signage technologies are sold through distributors. That is why the Digital Signage Federation (DSF) has established a new Distributor Committee that not only recognizes the importance of this segment of the industry but also ensures that they have a proactive role in

LG POPAI Retail Digital Signage Report

For a retailer half the struggle can be getting customers into your store in the first place. So what’s the solution? Special offers? Fancy posters? A cattle rancher with a lasso, manhandling people inside? According to a new survey from LG and POPAI more and more high street retailers are turning to digital signage

DSF Taps Hofflander and Blankensop for Legislative Committee

The Digital Signage Federation has announced that Linda Hofflander of Saddle Ranch Digital and Jeff Blankensop of Peerless-AV will co-chair the DSF’s Legislative Committee for 2012. The Legislative Committee develops programs that support the advancement of digital signage rights and seeks to advise on how to improve

Gunderman On Content at POPAI Event

At the POPAI’s Master Program in Chicago this past Tuesday, Jeff Gunderman, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Eye Shop USA, presented EYE’s recommendations to shorten and tailor digital advertising content in order to reach consumers more effectively in the shopping environment. The presentation was based o

Registration Open for POPAI University Masters Program

The POPAI University Masters Program will be held July 9-10, 2007 at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. Registration is now open for the Masters Program, an intensive, two-day curriculum designed to help marketing professionals advance their education and build a network of colleagues to call upon as a lifetime resource. This course is, according to POPAI, "not a rubber-stamp exercise, but a challenging degree of achievement that requires academic application and performance. "